We believe in the unseen potential of organizations and the people who comprise them.

We provide intuitive, affordable cloud-based software solutions that:

Help foster engaged, healthy cultures where both companies and employees can grow and thrive.

Were created with direct input from users and experienced Human Resources professionals.

Provide employees with intuitive, contemporary tools that are fun and easy to use, and that support their career growth journeys.

Free HR professionals from the challenge of administratively burdensome technology that consumes time that could be better spent working as true Business Partners with internal clients.

Give executive leadership the same type of Business Intelligence about Human Capital that is available from Finance about a company's fiscal health.

The landscape is full of software vendors who offer solutions for talent management and employee engagement.

Why Consider Bullseye?

Comprehensive Range of Solutions

  • Check-in, real - time feedback tool
  • Traditional and non - rated appraisals
  • Peer and team 360s
  • Goal management
  • Social feedback, collaboration, recognition and rewards
  • Employee and manager-driven career pathing
  • Custom surveys - employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and others
  • Onboarding tools - stay interview, asset/property assignment
  • Departure tools - exit interview, asset/property collection
  • Automated succession management
  • Talent matching - internal and external candidates
  • Compensation planning
  • Business Intelligence dashboards

Agile & Easy to Use

  • High user adoption
  • Configurable and customizable
  • Use on all mobile device platforms
  • Single sign-on
  • No Excel or Word forms needed


  • Focused "Business Partner" relationship that ensures client success
  • Quick deployment
  • Respectful consideration given to incorporating client's current HR processes
  • Implementation fees a fraction of the competition

Client Support

  • 24/7 access to client service help lines and representatives
  • Customized implementation training
  • Consultative approach providing assistance with client's unique challenges

"We are not just a software provider; we are a solutions provider. We realize our clients have unique needs and that our success depends on theirs. We work hard to understand the pain points they have and the problems they are trying to solve. That requires us to listen carefully, ask questions, and work collaboratively to ensure solutions that we implement make a positive difference."

Adeel Zaidi, Founder & CEO

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Hire-to-Retire Solutions

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Bullseye's Story


Supporting engagement & human capital development


Average time to implement / deploy solutions

IT certifications

Ensuring security and protection of client data


Global presence and capabilities

+ Years

Combined leadership experience at Bullseye

Solutions available in 7 languages and growing








Client Satisfaction Ratings

Excellent: 4.5/5

Customized solutions for various markets and industries,
including corporate, healthcare, education, etc.

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