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ATRIAD Partners


United States


Durham, NC

The Bullseye and ATRIAD Partners Relationship


ATRIAD Partners was formed by passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds who share a common desire to bring the HUMAN element back to Human Capital Management.  Poised for rapid growth in the Human Capital Management and Technology Services industry, ATRIAD Partners drives innovation and provides leadership to enhance the technologies and services needed to successfully identify and connect underserved populations with opportunities. 


With expertise in the Human Capital Management, Diversity and Technology, our not-for-profit and 501c(3) partnerships, our connections to Corporate Diversity and Inclusion leaders and our relationships with Military installations across the US, we can provide a unique portfolio of human-centric solutions that connect underserved populations with opportunities.


ATRIAD Partners is a Veteran owned and certified Historically Underutilized Business (HUB).

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Derrick Ware, Managing Partner


In his 20+ years of experience, Derrick has led, maintained and sustained strategic positions championing technical and strategic initiatives and delivering client-centric solutions. Derrick is recognized for exemplary leadership across business operations, strategy and technology. He understands that delivering commercial success, profits and adding value to the business is an impact that builds your reputation in every edge of the business world. Derrick is recognized for prowess in designing, implementing, launching, maintaining and supporting new strategic and developmental plans. His commitment and input in developing product portfolios, liaising and building global relations, adopting and initiating new operational means, evolve performance and profits for businesses.


Derrick is a United States Air Force Veteran with expertise as a F-15E ‘Strike Eagle’ Crew Chief. Personally and professionally, he has worked to drive advances in talent acquisition strategies around underserved populations.