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Welcome to the BullseyeEngagement

Welcome to BullseyeEngagement

Leading provider of Performance Management, Talent Management and Corporate Solutions. Explore the Bullseye solutions today!

About Us


BullseyeEngagement is a leading global provider of cloud-based human capital management software solutions. Our solutions suite helps organizations nurture their people talent “from hire to retire”. We believe that frequent communication within an organization facilitates employee engagement, and all of our solutions are designed for ease of use to encourage employee participation.


Bullseye software enables and supports current trends in employee talent development, including on-demand social communication, check-ins, employee driven career pathing, flexible recognition and rewards, pulse surveys and structured succession planning.


All Bullseye solutions are designed with users in mind, so there are no forms to fill out and users navigate to a desired feature in only a couple of clicks. Customers love our software because it is entirely modular, highly configurable and quickly deployed. Users can subscribe only to functions that they need immediately and can easily add on features later as their talent development initiatives evolve. External consultants are not needed to implement Bullseye software, so the cost to begin using our solutions is very manageable.


Bullseye began in 2010 with a single performance management application envisioned by our founder, Adeel Zaidi. Users were attracted by the ease and speed of documenting performance appraisals so that managers could spend more time speaking face-to-face with the direct reports about performance. Our solutions suite has evolved to now include our talent development portal; a compensation planning and management application; BullseyeSurveys, which includes employee engagement surveys; PeopleTracker™ which helps identify “best fits” to meet talent placement needs; Rewards4People™, a comprehensive employee rewards and redemption program; and custom developed business intelligence dashboards.



Add value to our clients by enabling a culture of coaching and mentoring that stimulates employee engagement. We accomplish this through our innovative Hire-to-retire solutions.



To be the leading provider of Talent Development and Operations Management Solutions in one simple integrated Portal.


Areas of our core competence:

Performance Management System, Learning Management System, Compensation Analysis, Compensation Management, Performance Appraisal System, Employee Performance Management, Employee Performance Assessment, Performance Management Software, Satisfaction Survey System, Employee Satisfaction Survey, Customer Satisfaction Survey, KPI Dashboards, Customized Dashboard Systems and Consulting Services.