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Paul Daoust, Non-executive Chairman

Experienced Board Director (and member of compensation and NCG committees) and CEO/Senior Executive with a successful track record in both turnaround (4) and growth (2) situations within human resource, technology and insurance industries. 

CEO / Senior Executive Experience

  • HighRoads, Inc.(actualidad)
  •, Inc.
  • Watson Wyatt
  • GRX Technologies
  • Daoust Consulting, LLC

Board of Directors Experience

  • HighRoads, Inc. boarddirectorsexperience
  • Watson Wyatt (9 años)
  •, Inc. (4 años)
  • Gevity HR (3 años)
  • GRX Technologies (3 años)

Board of Advisors Experience

  • Leading Women (actualidad)
  • Employ Insight (actualidad)
  • Brodeur Partners (actualidad)
  • LaborMetrix (actualidad)
  • Contact Networks (más de 3 años)
  • Calyxcare Systems (más de 2 años)