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360 Degree Feedback Software Benefits and Popularity


360 Degree Feedback Software


Organizations improve their operations by implementing systems that aid their knowledge. This is done by providing meaningful information that allows the management to make changes and adjustments for a better work process.


360 Degree Feedback is implemented to attain meaningful information that the management can leverage for improving operations. Essentially, the 360 Degree Feedback refers to a process whereby employees are provided feedback through their different sources from within the companies they work for. Usually, feedback is received through their managers and peers, and part of this practice includes employees having to conduct a self evaluation.


360 Degree Feedback software may make up part of a performance appraisal process, and there are several organizations that aim to use it for performance evaluations and development simultaneously. However, this is quite a challenge because it tends to give employees mixed messages, which is something they have to contend with.


Popularity of the 360 Degree Feedback Software


It is known that around 47 percent of companies use the 360 Degree Feedback Software as part of their performance appraisal methods. Additionally, according to prominent human resource experts, 40 percent of American companies are known to have implemented 360 Degree feedback in 1995. By the year 2000, this figure rose to 65 percent, and by 2002, around 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies implemented it as performance appraisal method.


One reason why this software is being implemented increasingly is because of the convenience it offers along wide the huge benefits it promises. 360 Degree Feedback software is highly flexible and it can be implemented for just a handful of employees or a vast number of staff members exceeding 100,000.


Organizations may also include non-managers when they implement the system. While conducting it at different levels, they can make use of a variety of 360 survey templates for each level of personnel serving the organization: leadership personnel, managers, and non-managers. This is considered a good approach because the behavior of individuals in each category type differs, and their competencies and skill levels differ too. Therefore, this segregated approach allows you to measure outcomes more effectively.


Benefits of Using 360 Feedback Software

  • A higher level of self awareness
  • Highlighting of potential problem areas
  • Identification of gaps in understanding
  • Professional grooming and development
  • Better communication and openness among employees


The 360 Degree Feedback software is also a system that is supported by other software that enables record entries, analysis and maintenance. There are variations to this software, and similar kinds of software produced may be customized according to an organization’s needs.


Focal 360 is a software system that helps you carryout 360 degree feedback. It’s convenient to use and has tremendous impact on organizations in terms of the understanding they develop through emerging data and the changes they are able to implement thereafter. The process set into play is streamlined and automated, which demands minimal input from the operator’s side.


Ultimately, these types of software have the potential to form a large part of a performance appraisal system that can help to ameliorate employee performance and pave the way for greater organizational progress.