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Key Performance Indicators (KPI Dashboard Software)

Key Performance Indicators (KPI Dashboard Software)


This is a fact that the employees are most valuable assets in any business, you bound with a huge expense to your employees because they are the key performers of your business. So you require fully potential employees for your business growth, or you have to make your appointed employees productive.


To survive in 21st century’s economic times, you can’t manage longer just using financial measures of your business. You have to consider other performance measures, like employee performance, business operations, procurements, marketing efficiency and your sales performance.


Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are the measurable goals of your company, and the goals are achieved by combine performance of the multiple people of departments across your organization. The performance management experts agree about cascading and aligning goals across multiple owners create "shared accountability" that is vital to your company success. You have to use its Key Performance Indicators as the base of analyze, track performance and essential key strategic decisions regarding resources and staffing.


Key Performance Indicators (KPI) involves four steps to applying:

  • Your company explains its business vision into communicated measurable goals to your employees.
  • These measurable operational goals are linked to individual performance goals which are assessed on an established periodic basis.
  • All internal processes are established to equal or exceed the strategic goals and the customer expectations.
  • Key Performance Indicators are analyzed to evaluate and suggest for improving company performance in the future.


BullseyeEngagement™ developed powerful executive level software named Dashboard. It is a Virtual Business Management Solution that can be customized to reflect the Vital/ Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for your company.