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Millennial Workforce

Millennial Workforce: The answer to the Future


Employee Engagement isn’t what it used to be. It’s no longer the once a year 1-on-1 check in with your supervisor. In the Millennial World it’s about constant feedback and collaboration. It doesn’t need to be a video game but it can’t be a chore. Today’s Employee Engagement needs to allow employees the social capability used in their personal lives. It’s about sharing ideas, creating communities within a community, recognizing a job well done with a click of the mouse, being a part of a brand, and having a path that enhances one’s skills or sets a career plan in action.


How does Millennial Workforce work for you?


The Millennial Workforce live in a world where information flows in real time. For these individuals it’s about having constant information that’s easily accessible. Unfortunately most organizations treat information as intellectual property and distribute it with limitations. Millennial see information as open source code.These individuals want to share ideas and this sharing can and will create and improve products and fix problems.


How to reach your Goal?


To the new Millennialworkforce corporations need to leverage the latest disruptive technology and establish an environment of openness to create a winning culture. From first glance this dramaticchange might seem unachievableor even painful, but, it has many rewards.


By implementing disruptive technology solutions that favor social and gamification over the traditional process, organizations now have real time ability to connect operational and employee performance. With this data easily at hand, decision making becomes more strategic in the candidate selection process, increases in employee skill levels lead to increases in productivity levels, talent retention providestronger institutional knowledge, and so on.


If you want a more engaged workforce today that will contribute to organizational success ask yourself, “How effectively do I use social technology to engage my workforce?”


Call Outs


1.) Paragraph 1, “Employee engagement…It doesn’t need to be a video game but it can’t be a chore.”
2.) Paragraph 2, “Corporations treat information as intellectual property…The Millennial sees information like open source code.”
3.) Paragraph 4, “By implementing disruptive technology solutions…companies have real time ability to combine operational and employee performance.”


Our team:


Christian Liakos, VP Alliances & Business Development at BullseyeEngagement. Christian has twenty years of experience in strategic alliances and direct sales in the hardware, software and technology space. Currently, he is responsible for building a partner ecosystem that will leverage and provide additional value to BullseyeEngagement’s employee and operation performance solutions. Christian’s prior workencompasses various industries and buyers including VARs, eProcurement/supply chain, to telecommunications, and Human Resources.