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Millennial Workforce: The answer to the Future


Employee Engagement isn't what it used to be. It's no longer the once a year 1-on-1 check in with your supervisor. In the Millennial World it's about constant feedback and collaboration. It doesn't need to be a video game but it can't be a chore. Today's Employee Engagement needs to allow employees the social capability used in their personal lives. It's about sharing ideas, creating communities within a community, recognizing a job well done with a click of the mouse, being a part of a brand, and having a path that enhances one's skills or sets a career plan in action.


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What is Employee Assessment?


Employee assessment is a performance calculation method for employees. It can measure all countable or uncountable activities (e.g. employee regulation, target achievements and absenteeism etc.) by giving scores and rating. You can evaluate your employee in absolute terms and compare his performance with other employees doing the same job. Competition always motivates employees to enhance their performance. The resulting valuation identifies the best as well as weak employees and distinguishes among them for performance appraisal.


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Who's More Disengaged At Work? Survey Says Highly Educated Men!



"It's not my fault we lost the client-

he finally realized how incompetent all of you are!"


"I'll start caring about the customers
When the company starts caring about me…"


"My professional development plans for the next year?

To get the hell out of here!"


Do these kinds of comments sound familiar? They're the hallmark of disengaged employees, and more than 70% of American workers share these attitudes...


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The Ideal Employee Assessment from My Manager

By Pat Bell, HR Advisor with BullseyeEngagement


Okay, I have read all the helpful hints and understand how to do my part for a successful employee valuation session.  Be prepared, know my goals, Have specific examples.  Seems easy enough.  We all say we want feedback, but we still get a knot in our stomachs when it is time to sit across the table...


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Buying Tips for Performance Appraisal Software



With performance appraisal software you can make employee assessments easily utilize you and your employee's time more productively. Before you buy any product it is wise to compare features and prices. However, you must know what your actual needs are when comparing performance appraisal software to get the right product. Simply buying the system with lots of bells and whistles, or one that requires a lot of forms or inputs don't necessarily give you the best solution.


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Performance Appraisal Guidelines


The employee assessment process can be difficult sometimes. Some employees may react defensively. Sometimes employees do not understand about the benefits of a positive appraisal. If your workers feel that there is unevenness in coming down hard on some while making it easy on others there will be disappointment and dissatisfaction. You can address these problems with the below guidelines:


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Make Performance Appraisal Effective


Performance appraisal software offers a solution of employee review process problems that is efficient and effective. It saves HR Management's time significantly over manually maintained records. Managers can more easily communicate business strategies, plans and produce measurable targets for their employees that will support specific and overall company objectives. Give your management the tools of individual performance measurement so they can identify and cultivate top performers for further development and establish a pay for performance compensation plan.


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After Implementation of Performance Appraisal Software


Bullseye Appraisal Software can help protect your company. Many companies that waste time and resources to monitor and calculate their employee's performance by manual or lengthy forms procedures can solve the problem with BullseyeEngagement.


Bullseye Employee Performance Software keeps your high performing workers on target and can help with rewarding them appropriately. It also protects you from legal action from the unhappy employee or ex-employee for negative behavior or weakness in work performance because of accurate performance documentation records.


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Key Performance Indicators (KPI Dashboard Software)


This is a fact that the employees are most valuable assets in any business, you bound with a huge expense to your employees because they are the key performers of your business. So you require fully potential employees for your business growth, or you have to make your appointed employees productive.


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