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Press Releases & Company News

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BullseyeEngagement LLC Debuts New Logo, Rebranding Effort

Leading organizational performance software company touts simplicity of interaction


HOUSTON, TX (January 6, 2014) – The Houston, TX-based organizational performance software company formerly known as BullseyeEvaluation, LLC has unveiled a corporate rebranding effort and a new logo debut as BullseyeEngagement, LLC. Additionally, the company tagline is now prominently featured underneath the logo as, Performance Management Made Simple. The name change and simplification of its previous logo signify the company’s efforts to reflect upon the key benefits of its organizational performance-based software solutions.


“Changing over from ‘evaluation’ to ‘engagement’ takes into consideration an important meaning in the understanding of our company’s software solution product lines,” said Bullseye Founder and CEO Adeel Zaidi. “Our organizational performance management software solutions are about engaging individual employees with the executive leadership constituencies in all levels of a company. It definitely speaks to our core identity in the marketplace and exactly what we have to offer. For our clients, it’s all about encouraging frequent communication which leads to engagement,” he added.


When compared to the previous version, the rebranding and streamlined look of the new BullseyeEngagement logo is designed to be simple, contemporary and user-friendly. These attributes directly reference the ease-of-use and cutting edge technology employed within the trio of Bullseye software solutions, BullseyePerformance™, BullseyeOps™ and BullseyeSurveys™. What sets apart Bullseye’s non-form based software solutions is the integration of employee performance and operations management tasks into one simple dashboard—providing meaningful monitoring, measurement and insights.


In addition to the revitalized corporate logo and evolved messaging platform, Bullseye will also be unveiling a re-designed website presence to better showcase their software solution lines and reach their target audience of potential clients. “We needed to bring our corporate identity and branding closer in line with what our software solutions can do for companies,” stated Zaidi. “Enabling organizations to meet and exceed their strategic engagement goals through the use of our integrated software solutions is our primary mission,” he added.


About BullseyeEngagement LLC

BullseyeEngagement is a leading global management solutions company that optimizes the employee and operational performance of organizations. Using advanced cloud­based technology, Bullseye provides trendsetting, non-form based systems for the measurement of employee and organizational performance. These applications dramatically improve engagement through by facilitating frequent communication and incorporating social feedback. Our business intelligence capabilities display real-time information through innovative key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards. Bullseye's software solutions are all user-friendly, configurable and quickly deployed. call (877) 988-9808.


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    Louis Posthauer – Vice-President, Sales

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