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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials



Salisha Baksh

1st Vice President, Human Resources Manager

City National Bank


"The BE system is more than just a performance evaluation system, it’s a dynamic and collaborative system that helps organization with the process of setting expectations – through frequent communication, assigning and tracking goals, assessing results, and focusing on staff development through ongoing activities. The system is also has good reporting and auditing capabilities. The system is easy to use and navigate through; it’s affordable and effective tool.


The Client support team offers excellent customer service; they listen to and gain an understanding of the client’s need and deliver in the best way that they can. Implementation of the system was seamless; they were there every step of the process and provided the required training to managers and employees. Their on-going customer support is also excellent and they continue to enhance the system and add tools to help managers manage their employees more effectively and efficiently. "


Dave Edwards

HR Development Manager

Mustang CAT


"BullseyeEngagement has been a tremendous business partner over the past 3 years! Their tools and processes have helped us improve employee engagement, enhance the quality of our performance conversations, and achieve progress toward critical strategic goals. The Bullseye team consistently seeks out feedback and utilizes that information to make enhancements that will improve our experience with their products. They are very responsive to our needs and routinely provide the high level of customer service that we expect.”


Delta Emerson



Finally! An HR software vendor has created a product designed to address talent management pain points of HR professionals head-on. Most solutions have core HR functionality including nuts and bolts such as benefits, payroll, and record-keeping. “Soft” people management needs – performance management, recognition, succession planning, alumni tracking, Business Intelligence, etc. – are either ignored or slapped on as after-thoughts and are typically sub-par and inflexible/rigid.


Bullseye Engagement’s founder and CEO, who has an Industrial Engineering background, is a successful executive who throughout his career partnered closely with HR.  He saw how they struggled with inadequate software solutions, and  he personally experienced negative impacts in the business units he led. He founded Bullseye with the vision of providing thoughtful, contemporary, high-quality solutions that  enable HR professionals and the leaders with whom they work to manage the people side of the business effectively, efficiently, and easily.


The suite of tools that Bullseye Engagement offers is unlike anything I’ve seen from other vendors in this space. Not only are the solutions customized (vs. just configured) to meet unique needs, but an agile approach is used with development and implementation, resulting in significant time and cost savings. An organization’s sustained success rests on creating an environment that nurtures an engaged workforce. Likewise, a business leader’s success rests on his or her understanding this, and giving the same type of disciplined focus to people management as is given to financials. Bullseye is on target with the solutions they provide that make it easier for HR professionals and company leaders to work together as true business partners. And this translates into a positive impact on the bottom line – lower turnover and higher employee engagement, client satisfaction, and profitability.


Anthony Holmes

Director of H.R.

Alimak Hek, Inc


"Anthony Holmes Director of H.R. Alimak Hek, Inc "I purchased the BullseyeEngagement system for our company after seeing the demonstration in the Bullseye office. I have to say it performed as promised and the support is excellent! The installation was seamless and was completed ahead of schedule! All of our managers commented that the product was easy to use and manage! I have recommended it to others in my H.R. network!"


Rolf Kleiner


Renatus Partners


"From my perspective, the BullseyeEngagement System's software application, although targeted at the performance management market, is really far valuable for an operations management perspective. In a very simple and elegant manner, this software integrates strategy with process and people to create the foundation necessary to execute efficiently. When coupled with other products focused on employee engagement, the Bullseye system effectively connects operations management with HCM, it is the simplest most cost effective tool I have seen which is capable of this. "


John Meuser


University of St. Thomas


"John Meuser AVP HR University of St. Thomas "I am very impressed with the fully automated Performance Assessment product offered by Bullseye. I have used it at the general staff levels all the way to a 360 degree assessment of our President. This product, which I consider a fully functioning performance management system, is simple to use and offers managers an opportunity to interface with their direct reports on a more regular and consistent basis to do so much more than just an annual performance review. I recommend this product."


Director Operations

Major Bullseye Customer


"BullseyeEngagement has been a valued partner to our company as we have progressed from the initial pilot in 2012 until today. Their team of professionals took the time to understand our requirements in order to identify our needs. They continue to listen to all of their customers and make system enhancements based on customer feedback. Their innovative program has grown from a basic program to manage employee performance to an innovative platform of alternative value add solutions from KPI dashboards to full Talent management.


Bullseye leadership and personnel remain extremely flexible and support our organization with continued expertise to enhance our Performance Management program.


They also value the customer's relationship and that is reflected in the professionalism of their interactions. Everyone in our organization feels comfortable contacting them and agree that their biggest strength is the fact that they make us feel as though we are their most important priority. "


Amber Sevitts, SPHR

VP - Human Resources

HIT, Inc.


"Amber Sevitts , SPHR VP - Human Resources HIT, Inc. "Bullseye has helped us to streamline our employee assessments process and eliminate inconsistencies and errors. The team has been great at helping tailor the product to our specific needs to maximize its benefits.”


Doris Sims Spies, SPHR

Talent Benchstrength Solutions, LLC


"For the first time, Doris Sims Spies, SPHR, is endorsing a talent-succession management system due to the system's usability, flexibility and affordability. The company is BullseyeEngagement . The system can support HR functions such as competency development, training development, employee engagement, performance management and more."