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Business KPI Dashboards

Bullseye KPI Dashboards

Bullseye KPI Dashboards


Bullseye Business Intelligence Dashboards


Bullseye KPI Dashboards

Bullseye Dashboards

  • Provide real-time access to key corporate performance metrics
  • Are customized to display organizations’ unique key performance indicators
  • Can provide detailed supporting data through successive drill-down levels
  • Compare actual results to budgets, targets and benchmarks; alert screens can highlight negative trends and business areas requiring immediate attention
  • Permit organizations to manage access to dashboard data through privilege controls
  • Can be populated with organizational data by means of input templates, Excel or .csv formatted uploads, and API’s from other systems; a data import utility enables access to source data from FTP sites or e-mailboxes
  • Seamlessly interface to obtain data from other Bullseye solutions
  • Include a comprehensive communications system, including notifications, reminders and alerts, including escalating series of notifications


Who needs a custom developed Bullseye Dashboard?

  • Executives who are swamped with spreadsheets that contain “big data” but don’t concisely provide data needed to efficiently evaluate key performance metrics
  • Executives who need real-time information wherever they are and whenever they want
  • Executives who know exactly what information they would like to have and don’t have time to spend using report writers to create their own reports
  • Executives who want to analyze trends, benchmark comparisons or segmented groups of employees with a click of a button


Available Features

  • Flexible architecture to fit customer requirements for virtually unlimited data analysis
  • Multi-level drilldown to view successive levels of detail analysis
  • Custom selection of colors, displays
  • Chart controls (min/max, attributes) for dials
  • Chart controls for min/max on line, bar, and similar charts and graphs
  • Action plans based on customer designated criteria
  • Unlimited historical data retention for trend displays and analysis
  • Import/input log file view/print/email capability
  • Import history file list - with user, date, success/failure and view/print/email capability
  • Data migration via API’s from other systems
  • Printing capability for all charts and displays
  • Export capability to Excel and/or .csv file
  • Date range control with VCR buttons and custom selection
  • User management with: email to user with URL and type of change made when maintenance performed; 'resend' credentials to user capability
  • Data Import Utility from FTP site or e-mail
  • Update Import Scheduler including alert and notification
  • Audit Utility for update imports