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Employee Performance Evaluation

Components of an Employee Evaluation Template


Employee Performance Management System

Contrary to popular belief, employee evaluations aren't something to be dreaded. After all, it isn't conducted simply to find reasons to fire people. Alright, so that statement may have been a little naive, but the truth is, more importantly, performance reviews are used for considering rewards and for promotions.


Since quite a lot depends on performance reviews, it might be handy to have an employee evaluation template that would allow the management to carry out evaluations, regularly and efficiently. It can get pretty tricky to decide on which to include in an evaluation template.


Of course there is the employee identification section which includes the job description, as well as other information, optional or not, that can be included in skill profiling. Profiling can be very useful whenever there is a need for managers to decide on who should do a certain task or project.


The vital section is the performance appraisal section. It is where job competencies, as well as core competencies, are listed and described. In this section, the employee is 'rated'.


The history section should be included too. It would include feedback from previous reviews as well as the actions carried out to correct negatives. In this section, it should also be stated whether goals were satisfactorily met or not.


There should also be a section about the current goals. There should be updated, concrete plans for the employee's development. Is there going to be training? How about a transfer to another department which he just might be better at?


After that is the comments section. There could be one for the evaluator, and another for the manager. Lastly, there is the verification section where the date and the names of the people involved with the evaluation are confirmed.


Those are the components that should be present at any employee evaluation template. You can be as detailed as you can get. But keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to find out who does well, and who can be helped to do well.