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Performance Development Simplified!

Performance Development Simplified!

Employee Performance Management System


Employee Performance Management System

Bullseye Engagement® Bullseye Performance Management System (BEPMS) makes the cumbersome task of collecting information via forms and surveys and turns the complicated administrative filing process into a relaxed, two-way and a calculated cycle


With Employee Performance Management System we let you convert your business growth ideas into high-performance business result. This automated system is not only time saving but also comes loaded with immense features.


With its advanced sense of self-development and intuition, BEPMS not only helps you to spot the strongest candidates in your organization but also points out the weakest and assists them in growing and retaining their position in the organization, resulting in more motivated employees. This is no doubt the most used performance management tool in the market!


Overview of Performance Management System


Features & Benefits


Engage & Motivate

  • Options for Standard; Self; 360; Peer; and/or Team Assessments.
  • - Provides speedy access to current and previous assessments.
  • Improves employee performance through consistent and comprehensive communication.
  • Addresses an employee’s strengths and weaknesses through instant responsiveness.

Saving Effort & Time

  • In-depth filtered-data on employee performance by department, location, job title, or individuals.
  • Full company roll-up of employee performance.
  • Understand with intuition the Employee Performance Management dynamics of your organization.
  • Bullseye Performance Management provides insight on inconsistencies within your organization and helps you to remove loopholes.

Data Views & Statistics

  • Instant pie-chart assessment view of employee performance data.
  • Graphical view on performance statistics for any/every employee.
  • Understands performance progress of an organization or individual in real time.
  • Ideal displays for presentations and reports, especially executive summaries.

Goals & Training Modules

  • Enables you to set and manage relevant goals and training requirements by employee or department.
  • Updates progress and access data in real time to support the employee process.
  • Improves employee development through one comprehensive system.
  • Tie goals and training directly to the performance management of employees


  • Allows you to instantly update relevant organizational information such as adding or reassigning employees.
  • Add, modify, and delete performance assessment criteria.
  • No need to wait for a database update for information to become current.
  • Provides visibility into the administration of your organization’s performance management.



Competency Management integrates competency management and career growth. Employees are guided on the path of increasing proficiency in their role by aligning, assigning and tracking trainings and getting familiar with development activities.

Talent Management


Talent Management Identify internal and external candidates using profile with key filters, competencies, and skills; and lets you evaluate goodness of employees and helps in deciding the ‘fit-for-the- role’ on merits of talent and enthusiasm to grow within your organization.



Succession planning allows you to track key employees using an industry compatible performance/potential matrix. Combined with competency management, documents the development path of key employees for career progression or leadership roles. This helps you in identifying who your next leaders will be!



A comprehensive compensation planning module which considers, merits, bonuses, stocks, and other reporting tools in mind before generating compensation statements. Everyone is a winner this way!