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Healthcare Performance Management System

Healthcare Performance Management System

Bullseye MD

Overview of the Health Care Performance Management System


Dashboard View of Patient Management


Features & Benefits

  • Up-to-date web-based view of patient care metrics.
  • Instant access to patient feedback data.
  • Quickly address areas of concern regarding patient care.
  • Improve the delivery of care and services based on the patient’s perspective

Employee Performance Management


Features & Benefits

  • Flexible interface provides views based on employee performance.
  • Separate metrics into relevant roles such as physician, nursing, and administrative.
  • Improve the organization’s performance through frequent communication with employees.
  • Optimize retention of key employees.

Data Views on Financials


Features & Benefits

  • Instant views on financial data displayed by your organization’s key areas.
  • Flexibility to track metrics in a variety of ways such as revenue/cost per patient, inventory value, etc.
  • Make necessary adjustments to meet financial goals.
  • New financial data becomes available immediately when uploaded into the system.



Features & Benefits

  • Modify views as needed through addition or deletion of dashboard KPI dials and charts.
  • Instantly update relevant organizational information such as adding or reassigning functional areas.
  • No need to wait for a database update for information to become current.
  • Allows you to control your organizations performance management requirements.