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Higher Education Performance Management System

Higher Education Performance Management System

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Overview of Higher Education Performance Management


Higher Education Performance Management


Feature & Benefits

  • Organize performance metrics on faculty, staff, and leadership based on the institution's structure
  • A variety of viewing options for your data such as pie charts, KPI dials, and bar charts.
  • Improves communication at all levels within the institution to optimize alignment with organizational goals.
  • Data views provide quick insight into metrics and are ideal for executive level reports.

Student Survey Results


Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive views of institutional performance as perceived by the students
  • Instantly update metrics as new data becomes available
  • Increase student satisfaction and retention by addressing critical areas of concern
  • Accept survey data on a continual basis so information is always up-to-date

Data Views on Curricular Assessment


Features & Benefits

  • Organize performance by areas of study from the college/department level to the class level
  • Roll up data from a variety of sources such as student performance and student survey results.
  • Improve the institution’s curriculum through frequent assessments.
  • Improve communication between faculty and institution leadership

Administration Features and Benefits


Features & Benefits

  • Modify views as needed through the addition or deletion of dashboard data views.
  • Instantly update relevant organizational information such as adding or reassigning employees.
  • No need to wait for a database update for information to become current.
  • Allows you to control your institution’s performance management requirements.