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Welcome to the BullseyeEngagement

Welcome to BullseyeEngagement

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TCPN has awarded BullseyeEngagement Performance Management System contract (#R5240). Through this contract, Bullseye management System offers TCPN members a portfolio of web-based software products and solutions for employee performance management, operations management and employee, student and client survey feedback.



20 – 32% Discount

on standard prices


Contract Information

Bullseye Engagement



Contract Term

03/01/2013 to 02/29/2016


Vendor Contacts

TCPN Account Manager



Vendor Website


For TCPN-related information,

Or call 888-884-7695


About The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN)


TCPN is a national governmental purchasing cooperative able to leverage the purchasing potential of governmental entities in all 50 states - this means equal pricing for the smallest entity and the largest buyer. All TCPN contracts are competitively bid and evaluated by a government entity serving as the lead agency.  Region 4 Education Service Center serves as the primary lead agency for TCPN contracts.  The lead agency awards these contracts to national vendors in accordance with purchasing procedures mandated by state procurement laws and regulations.  TCPN contracts are available for use, and benefit, public and private schools, colleges and universities, cities, counties, non-profits and all governmental entities.


Contract Services and Benefits


Employee Performance Evaluation

Components of an Employee Performance Evaluation

Bullseye Performance

Employee Performance Management System

Talent Management

Talent Management Software

Compensation Planning

Compensation Planning System

Bullseye Surveys

Stay Connected with Our Survey Management System

KPI Dashboards

Bullseye KPI Dashboards

Agencies Served