Bullseye is a human capital development & data management platform intended to augment existing ERP systems

Bullseye specifically addresses challenges with:

Staying engaged with hybrid / remote workforce

Employee-driven career pathing

Succession planning

Workforce skills and competency assessment

Strategic Workforce planning and modeling

Workforce well-being

Leadership & human capital BI dashboards

One platform to develop & manage talent, engage employees, & make data-driven business decisions

Self -
Self - esteem
Love and belonging
Safety and security
Physiological needs
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Fuel a dynamic employee experience

Our focus:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Real Time Employee Feedback
  • Employee Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Goals & Training Management
  • Recognition
  • Strategic Workforce Planning & Modeling
  • Bullseye Teams
  • Workforce Well-being

We complement & interface with all ERP systems

  • Record-keeping (HRIS)
  • Payroll / Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Hiring (ATS)
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Training Development (LMS)

Organizations from a wide range of industries are using Bullseye’s solutions to drive business success

Selected Clients

Talent Development

Identify opportunities for development and set goals that align employee needs with organizational objectives

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Future-proof your business and make human capital strategy your competitive advantage

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Measure engagement and take action to elevate your employee experience

Leadership Dashboards

Leadership Dashboards

Integrate human capital and operational data to develop real-time business insights

Organizations with highly-engaged
employees achieve:

23% Higher Profitability


41% Fewer Quality Incidents


81% Less Absenteeism


14-18% Higher Productivity


64% Fewer Safety Incidents


18-43% Lower Turnover


Source: Gallup 2020 Meta-Analysis of Employee Engagement and Team Performance

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Talent Development Base System
Engagement & Pulse Surveys
Business Intelligence Dashboards
Training Management
Succession Planning

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  • Employee
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Talent Match
Talent Matching
Workforce Planning
Workforce Planning
Compensation Planning
Competency Management

Drive results across your
entire organization



Automate time-consuming processes, lead strategic human capital initiatives, and pull reports that wow your executive team



Easily check-in with employees, stay on track with goals, and lead highly-engaged teams



Get real-time visibility of your people operations, highlight areas of risk, and implement plans for short- and long-term business results

See how improving employee engagement
can impact your bottom line

Calculate Your Company’s Potential Gains Per Year with Increased
Employee Engagement

Number of employees,
beginning of year


Average employee salary

Performance Management System Solution

Ease of Implementation

  • Implementation in weeks, not months
  • No external consultants are needed!
  • Multiple locations, currencies and languages
  • On-site training for large and enterprise customers
  • Secure FTP data transfer and APIs
  • Single sign-on with multiple entities
  • Significantly broader in scope and more cost effective than alternatives

Our friendly, in-house customer service & support team goes
above & beyond to provide timely, best-in-class
support to every client.


Implementation in weeks, not months


No third-party consultants needed for implementation or support


24/7 access to submit support tickets


Connect to a live rep over the phone*

* Available during business hours

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See how BullseyeEngagement cultivates a culture of coaching and mentoring
that drives measurable business impact

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