Succession Planning

Our Succession Planning Software is designed to be your strategic ally in grooming and developing talent within your organization. By identifying potential leaders, nurturing their skills, and preparing them for key roles, you can ensure a seamless transition when the time comes. With BullseyeEngagement, you're not just planning for succession; you're actively shaping the future of your organization.

Key Features

  • Strong bench strength
  • Facilitate Internal Mobility
  • Access robust talent pool
  • Increase Transparency
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Matrix
  • Increase Transparency
  • Reduce Bias
  • Identify Critical position
  • Develop a Leadership Pipeline
  • Talent Match
  • Talent Matrix
Succession Planning
Succession Planning Benefits

Benefits of Bullseye's Succession Planning Tools

Succession planning is an integral part of setting up an organization for long-term success. The Succession Planning Tool from Bullseye is the next generation of modern succession planning software and it provides multiple advantages. By digitizing the process, relevant succession planning information is centralized, not spread across various spreadsheets, PowerPoints and email chains, and the information is always accessible to leadership team members. The Succession Planning Tool also provides reminders and tasks for leaders and HR partners to complete before any succession planning meetings to make the meetings more substantive and efficient.

Allows for the easy adoption of contingency plans.

Facilitates leadership meetings and allows anytime access to critical information that informs authorized individuals of succession decisions in critical times.

Identifies future leaders and keeps high potential performers engaged.

Allows for the growth and development of all individuals throughout the succession plan to better enable them to perform at any and all future potential positions.

Why is Succession Planning Important?

Without a plan to fill critical vacant roles as they arise, your company faces massive risk to its stability.

There are a number of scenarios which illustrate the need for a well thought-out succession planning system:

Promotion within the organization of a key employee to management or other position.
Unexpected loss due to attrition.
Retirement of an individual within an organization.
Loss of a key employee due to layoff or dismissal

The loss of a key contributor or leader can have damaging effects on an organization. Whether succession is due to retirement, unexpected loss, or leadership changes, it is critical to have a plan in place to ensure a smooth transition and avoid costly expenses needed to find a replacement for the role. BullseyeEngagement provides cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) software tools and innovative solutions that not only help you execute smooth transitions of leadership roles, but also help you streamline your operational process through the use of a wide variety of online tools.


Examples of the issues that can be anticipated and addressed with the Succession Planning Tool

What tasks was this person responsible for?

Who is going to pick up this person's projects/tasks?

Is the person going to be available to train the new employee?

What time frame are we looking at for the transition?

Has the hiring process been started already?

Succession Planning Features

What plans are in place in the event of loss?

What timelines are in place for transition?

What paperwork must be filed and when?

How long do we need to cross train someone into that position?