Talent Match

BullseyeEngagement's Talent Match Feature can help to remove the guesswork from the process. This feature allows you to create a profile of your preferred candidate and matching that against the available internal candidates based on your customized criteria.

Key Features

  • Identify and rank "best-fit" internal & external candidates for open positions and succession planning
  • Match to the availability calendar
  • Include contractors, alumni, or non-employees in searches
  • Assemble project teams with employees from various offices and locations based on position criteria
  • Create a database and engage with alumni, retirees, and volunteers
Talent Match

Build Your Dream Team

The innovative talent match Feature from BullseyeEngagement allows you to build your own dream team by identifying specific qualities that you are looking for from your candidates, whether they be current employees or:

Independent Contractors
Former Employees

What Can Talent Match Do For My Organization?

The Talent Match Feature from BullseyeEngagement allows you to get back to work sooner, with a list of qualified in house candidates ready and waiting to hear from you. That means less time spent searching, less time spent interviewing, and more time filling your organization's vacancies with qualified professionals. With a little help from BullseyeEngagement, you will spend less time searching and interviewing and more time filling your organizations vacancies with qualified professionals.

Track Alumni, Contractors, Volunteers & Employees

Build project teams with employees from various offices or geographical locations

Use independent contractors or temporaries for contingent staffing needs

Engage with retirees, volunteers and alumni

Identify the best internal candidates for open positions

Maintain a database of valued alumni for social, networking and celebration events

Talent Match Search

"Members" can be employees or non-employees (e.g. contractors, volunteers, alumni)

Profile fields are customizable

Members can update their Profiles

Talent Match Profile

Matches job requirements of open positions to member profiles

Ranks member "best fits" for open positions

Required position competencies are compared to employee/member competency validation