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BullseyeEngagement Welcomes Marketing Expert Betty Gower to Advisory Board

February 07, 2024 12:44 PM Eastern Standard Time
Betty Gower
HOUSTON (PR Newswire) BullseyeEngagement LLC, leading provider of cloud-based human capital management software solutions, today proudly announces the appointment of Betty Gower to its esteemed Advisory Board. With a distinguished career marked by successful leadership and expertise in marketing for both B2C and B2B companies, Ms. Gower brings a wealth of experience and strategic vision to BullseyeEngagement.

Ms. Gower, currently serving as the CMO for and CEO of the marketing and strategy company The Market Ninja, is recognized for her exceptional focus on strategy, agile execution, and business development return on investment (ROI). At Xapa, she spearheads a tech company that leverages dynamic digital learning tools for soft skills and personal enrichment in gamified training environments.

As the founder of Market Ninja, a boutique marketing and consulting agency, Ms. Gower empowers small to mid-size businesses with cost-effective marketing offerings ranging from focused tools to full-service strategy and implementation consulting. Her impressive portfolio includes the development of global communications and brand strategies for renowned organizations such as NxtWork, RDE LLC, Perkins Coie Privacy Law, and HealthTrackRx. Earlier in her career, Ms. Gower held leadership positions at GE, NBC Universal, and Classic Party Rentals, where she significantly contributed to the marketing success of these organizations.

Ms. Gower possesses a rich skill set that spans brand storytelling, public relations, and comprehensive marketing strategy. To BullseyeEngagement, Ms. Gower brings expertise in crafting impactful brand messaging, developing effective content marketing, and building efficient growth pipelines. She will bring insight to contemporary consumer/audience trends and strong guidance on effective approaches in the digital realm. In addition, she will advise the company regarding seamless collaboration across diverse marketing and communications initiatives.


NxtWork is committed to creating a bench of leading, diverse candidates for boards, and Betty is a great example of our membership. Bullseye is lucky to have her.

Expressing her enthusiasm, Ms. Gower stated, "I am delighted to have joined BullseyeEngagement’s advisory board. The product offerings are a game-changer for HR leaders. I am excited to use my marketing background to help elevate the brand and make a substantial contribution to our overall growth."

Adeel Zaidi, Founder & CEO of BullseyeEngagement, remarked, "Betty will complement the backgrounds and array of skills provided by our other board members, and her advice will guide us to better expose Bullseye to a wider audience. Her expertise will help us position our software offerings as a viable platform for medium-sized and larger organizations, and we are excited to benefit from her obvious skills and past experiences."

Dominique Shelton Leipzig, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Partner at Mayer Brown and Co-Founder, Co-CEO of NxtWork, expressed support and congratulations to Bullseye. "We are thrilled that one of our founding members has been appointed to the Bullseye board,” said Ms. Shelton Leipzig. “NxtWork is committed to creating a bench of leading, diverse candidates for boards, and Betty is a great example of our membership. Bullseye is lucky to have her."

Christine Heckart, CEO of Xapa, stated, “Betty Gower is an exceptional corporate executive with outstanding business acumen, extensive experience across a range of industries, and high emotional intelligence. She will make an excellent board member for BullseyeEngagement.”


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Margaret Lazo has joined BullseyeEngagement's Advisory Board

June 07, 2023 10:05 AM Eastern Standard Time
Margaret Lazo
HOUSTON (PR Newswire) BullseyeEngagement LLC today announced that Margaret Lazo has accepted an appointment to its Advisory Board. A bilingual and bicultural executive with a history of successful leadership, Ms. Lazo has established an exemplary reputation for leading transformation and change with demonstrated expertise in human capital management and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives. She is presently associated with Cerberus Capital Management's Operating and Advisory Company as a Senior Operating Consultant, leading human capital initiatives across its portfolio companies.

Before joining Cerberus, Ms. Lazo most recently was Chief Human Resources Officer at Univision Communications, Inc. (now Televisa Univision) for five years, where she contemporized and elevated the people function through enhanced capabilities in total rewards, organization development, talent acquisition and HRIS analytics providing management with greater operational and strategic human capital leadership.
In addition, she launched several initiatives that advanced culture and DE&I across the organization.

Earlier in her career Ms. Lazo was Global Human Resources Leader at GE Capital Americas and held a series of high-profile roles at NBC Universal both before and immediately after its acquisition by Comcast.

Commenting on her Advisory Board appointment, Ms. Lazo stated, "I am so glad to have been introduced to BullseyeEngagement and its impressive suite of human capital software solutions. They must be the best kept secret in the industry, and I intend to help them change that. Adeel has done a remarkable job attracting a distinguished and diverse group of advisors, and I feel honored to join them. I hope to make my contribution to BullseyeEngagement's success by strategizing with the BullseyeEngagement team to broaden the company's exposure, leveraging our collective, extensive professional network."

Adeel Zaidi, Founder & CEO of BullseyeEngagement, remarked "Margaret has accumulated a wide range of executive experience at large, well-known companies, and I hope to draw on those experiences to help our team formulate the growth path forward for BullseyeEngagement. Margaret is very knowledgeable about our industry landscape and can provide us specific insights about how to position our Talent Development Platform for maximum success. Her willingness to advocate for BullseyeEngagement will be invaluable."


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Marv Adams Joins BullseyeEngagement’s Advisory Board

November 01, 2022 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time
HOUSTON (BUSINESS WIRE) BullseyeEngagement LLC today announced that Marv Adams has accepted an appointment to its Advisory Board of Directors. Mr. Adams has held a number of large-scale technology, operations, enterprise shared services, digital-channel revenue producing, and business strategy roles across the financial services and manufacturing industries over the last twenty-five years. During that period, he has held positions of EVP of Bank One Services Corporation (now part of JPMorgan Chase); Global CIO at both Citigroup and Ford Motor Company; President of Shared Services at Fidelity; and Chief Operating Officer at TD Ameritrade. He spent the first ten years of his career in technical and leadership roles at IBM.

Mr. Adams has led several large merger/integration initiatives, implemented the Toyota-based lean/continuous learning system to drive significant operational improvements, and helped to infuse innovation into the core operating DNA of organizations. In addition, he has been a leader in effective risk management, implementing “defense-in-depth” cyber security and resiliency systems. Currently, Adams is doing consulting work, including for a technology incubator and also leading a global merchant processing engineering organization.

Commenting on his Advisory Board appointment, Mr. Adams stated, “I try to be selective in deciding to join organizations that have exceptional leaders who welcome contributions from their outside advisors. Adeel Zaidi immediately impressed me as a leader who is constantly striving to better his company, and his team has developed a software platform suite that is perfectly suited to address leadership real time data management needs as well as talent development and retention needs of companies in today’s business climate. I believe I can make positive contributions to the growth and success of Bullseye.”


Marv brings an impressive array of executive experience and technological experience that will complement the capabilities of our other exceptional Advisory Board members. We are excited to gain access to Marv’s depth of knowledge about managing a technology-based organization.

Adeel Zaidi, CEO of Bullseye, remarked, “Marv brings an impressive array of executive experience and technological experience that will complement the capabilities of our other exceptional Advisory Board members. We are excited to gain access to Marv’s depth of knowledge about managing a technology-based organization.”


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Introducing the New and Improved BullseyeEngagement User Experience

The BullseyeEngagement team is dedicated to finding ways to continually improve the experience for our users across the Bullseye platform. That’s why we’ve been working hard behind the scenes for the past few months to bring you the first phase of our improved user experience enhancements. Bullseye is excited to announce the release of our new user interface at the end of March 2021.

These updates will bring improvements to iconography, button styles, user controls, and more. We’ve done this to help our users accomplish their goals faster in fewer clicks. You’ll find this fresh interface to be contemporary, responsive, and even more intuitive than ever.

The new interface is yet to be released, but we’re offering system administrators a look at the system on 03/23, 03/25, and 03/30. Please keep an eye on your email for more information and registration links for these client webinars.

New UI Update

BullseyeEngagement Appoints Raquel Furrer as Chief Customer Success Officer

January 21, 2021 02:12 PM Eastern Standard Time
HOUSTON (BUSINESS WIRE) BullseyeEngagement LLC today announced that it has named Raquel Furrer as its Chief Customer Success Officer. In this role, Furrer will be responsible for both expanding Bullseye’s customer base and ensuring that all customers have an outstanding experience using Bullseye’s human capital management software solutions. Furrer will assume her new role immediately.

Furrer joined Bullseye in late 2019 as Vice President of Client Services and Success after more than 15 years’ experience as a human resource executive in global companies. Her corporate experiences included global HR transformation, change management strategy, HR shared services management, succession planning, talent management, talent acquisition, employee relations and organizational development.
In her last position before joining Bullseye, she was the system administrator for her company’s use of several of Bullseye’s software solutions. Before assuming corporate management roles, Furrer started her own staffing and consulting firm, providing services to many Fortune 500 firms over several years.

Commenting on Furrer’s appointment, Adeel Zaidi, CEO of Bullseye, stated “With her blend of entrepreneurial and corporate experience, Raquel is exceptionally well-suited for this new role. She connects personally with our primary customer audience because she has stood in their shoes and understands the issues they face in dealing with HR technology. She is a highly motivated executive, and I am very excited to see what she can accomplish in her expanded role.”


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BullseyeEngagement Partners With Brainier to Add Learning to Talent Development Portal

February 20, 2020 06:19 PM Eastern Standard Time
HOUSTON (BUSINESS WIRE) Houston-based BullseyeEngagement LLC, a leading provider of human capital development SaaS solutions, today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Minneapolis, MN-based Brainier to enable the learning content of Brainier to be delivered through Bullseye’s talent development portal.

This arrangement will allow subscribers to Bullseye’s solutions to seamlessly connect to the wide range of learning material offered by Brainier. Access to learning content enables Bullseye to further facilitate all of a company’s talent development initiatives during the employee life cycle.

Bullseye’s founder and CEO, Adeel Zaidi, remarked, “I’m confident that our partnership with Brainier will be highly beneficial to both companies. It fulfills our goal of teaming with a leading content provider to enable clients to easily identify and assign educational opportunities to employees that will enhance their skills and job competencies. Likewise, I believe that the opportunity to seamlessly access Bullseye’s broad range of talent development solutions will be welcomed by many of Brainier’s clients.”

“Pairing learning with talent development is a natural fit for so many organizations we serve and we’re proud to partner with Bullseye,” says Brainier President, Jerry Cox. “The value of the two systems working in concert will undoubtedly provide real value for any organization.”
BullseyeEngagement is a leading provider of cloud-based human capital management software solutions that enable customers to foster a culture of coaching and mentoring to stimulate employee engagement.

Bullseye solutions enable and support current trends in employee engagement and talent development, including on-demand social communication, check-ins, employee-driven career pathing, flexible recognition and rewards, pulse surveys, structured succession planning and leadership business intelligence dashboards.

Brainier is a leading Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) technology company specializing in enterprise e-Learning solutions, and global provider of cloud-based Learning Management Systems, online LMS platforms. Based in Minneapolis, Brainier has helped clients discover a better approach to learning and development since 1995. Award-winning SaaS offerings include The Brainier LMS and Chameleon Cloud (adaptive e-learning framework).

For more information, visit Brainier Solutions, Inc. is part of BI WORLDWIDE, a global employee engagement agency that uses the principles of behavioral economics to produce measurable results for its clients. BIW continues to bring best-in-class solutions to its global and regional customers. For more information, visit


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Offering Disruptive Solutions to Elevate Employee Engagement

Adeel Zaidi

Adeel Zaidi, Founder & CEO

Businesses historically have struggled to address lackluster employee engagement, which has been amply documented by any number of surveys. A host of commonly recommended remedial measures has largely failed to move the needle, and knowledgeable leaders now realize that technology alone is not enough in any strategy to address the employee engagement conundrum efficiently and economically. Technology must be applied and coupled with an intuitive and disruptive approach to drive adoption.

BullseyeEngagement has developed a suite of human capital development solutions that, at their core, are designed to engage employees in any organization. At first glance, Bullseye’s solutions may seem similar to offerings from other providers; however, a peek under the cover quickly reveals that the Bullseye solutions are developed from a perspective of keeping user interfaces simple and intuitive. Bullseye’s unique approach is what makes its platform disruptive compared to other software in the HCM space. Viewers immediately see that transparency, communication and employee empowerment are ingrained in every Bullseye solution, which are collectively branded as the Talent Development Portal (TDP). Unlike other software offerings that are fundamentally ERP, payroll or HRIS solutions with some added HCM features, the Bullseye TDP is a comprehensive set of solutions created specifically to facilitate an organization’s engagement and talent development initiatives.

Simple, Intuitive and Engaging Solutions 

Each of the solutions in Bullseye’s Talent Development Portal is designed to emphasize ease of use, thereby minimizing user resistance, which is one of the principal drawbacks of the large, transactionally-oriented providers. As workforces evolve to a younger demographic, expectations for receiving performance feedback also change. Annual or semi-annual reviews no longer suffice; rather, the millennial workforce expects more frequent feedback, often in an informal setting. Solutions such as Bullseye’s check-ins and recognition and rewards allow organizations to easily provide and archive meaningful feedback to employees throughout their tenure. With frequent, two-way communication, employee concerns are addressed promptly, performance issues can be dealt with quickly, and managers can acknowledge top performers. And all of Bullseye’s solutions are readily accessible on mobile devices, so users can engage with the solutions at the touch of a fingertip, wherever they are. The payoff to management of simple, frequent communication: more engaged employees and less turnover.


We add value to our clients by enabling a culture of coaching and mentoring that stimulates employee engagement.

A Visionary Leader 

A decade ago, employees didn’t have a platform that encouraged them to raise issues that managers were obligated to answer. “If you had a suggestion or an issue, you could write a note and drop it in the suggestion box; if you were lucky, you might get an answer,” says Adeel ZaidiFounder and CEO of BullseyeEngagement. As a frustrated user coming from an industrial engineering and operations background, Zaidi envisioned disrupting the HCM space with best-of-breed Leadership and HCM solutions that would revolutionize the way that organizations could engage with and develop their talent. Working with seasoned operational and HR professionals and listening intently to feedback from customers, Zaidi and his development team created the Talent Development Portal as a “hire-to-inspire” solution. Not one to rest on his accomplishments, Zaidi continues to generate ideas to add even more functionality to the TDP. As he succinctly states, “If Bullseye stands still, we will lose ground to the competition. I don’t intend to let that happenWe must continue distinguishing ourselves as the most agile technology company with our unique and disruptive approach – and we are already being recognized as such!


We didn’t invent Talent
Development Solutions.

We just made them simple,
engaging and intuitive!
Feel the impact!!

-Bullseye Engagement

Adeel Zaidi

Founder & CEO

Minimizing Complexity 

Bullseye is a relatively new entrant to the HCM technology space, having launched its signature product, the TDP, only three years ago. To gain traction in the marketplace, Bullseye has focused on three characteristics to differentiate its software from competitors: rapid deployment, user experience and almost total configurability. Because TDP implementations are executed solely by Bullseye’s personnel, deployment times are much shorter than its competitors; in most cases, companies can “go live” in eight weeks or less. The user experience of all Bullseye solutions is shaped by Mr. Zaidi’s experience as an unhappy user, so system design emphasizes quick and intuitive navigation. Finally, Bullseye’s software has been independently judged to be up to 90% configurable, a level of flexibility not found in any other comprehensive talent management software. As a result, there is no need for organizations to endure rigorous process re-engineering to accommodate Bullseye’s software; rather, the software can be configured to accommodate existing HR processes. As a result, Bullseye customers enjoy another very welcome benefit: a significantly lower implementation cost.

Client-centric at its Core 

While a positive user experience is always top of mind, Bullseye is also highly attentive to the organizational needs of its customers. Bullseye’s solution configurability minimizes the need for complex change management exercises. Intuitive, graphical dashboards enable system administrators and managers to easily monitor system usage and process compliance. Mr. Zaidi has fostered a culture that encourages suggested system improvements from customers, which are quickly considered and, if deemed to be broadly applicable, promptly included in system updates. Customers are often amazed how quickly some of their suggestions are incorporated into the software. Bullseye’s agility stands in stark contrast to the regimented processes commonly inherent in providers of large, transactional software applications.

Bullseye approaches prospective customers without asking them to throw out existing software providers. The company is entirely comfortable co-existing with other providers whose core competencies may be transactional or data base management activities. Bullseye merely wants to be the solution of choice for organizations that want to experience best-in-class employee engagement and talent development software. To executives who say they prefer to use a single provider for all their company’s HCM needs, Mr. Zaidi offers an almost irrefutable response, “No software provider can be the best at everything. When it comes to managing and developing your talent, just good enough isn’t good enough.”


“BullseyeEngagement has been a valued partner to our company as we have progressed from the initial pilot in 2012 until today. Their team of professionals took the time to understand our requirements in order to identify our needs. They continue to listen to all of their customers and make system enhancements based on customer feedback. Their innovative program has grown from a basic program to manage employee performance to an innovative platform of alternative value add solutions from KPI dashboards to full Talent management.”

“Implementation was very easy- the implementation help was available all the way through this process. The system is very intuitive. BE listens to their clients and has the ability to customize the system to the client’s needs Their customer support team is like no other.”


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The Most Flexible HR Technology Solution Provider

Adeel Zaidi

Adeel Zaidi, Founder & CEO

During his visit to the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) 2018 annual conference, Adeel Zaidi, the founder and CEO of BullseyeEngagement LLC, came across an interesting article. The piece featured various KPIs SHRM recommended and ISO endorsed which could be leveraged by HR leaders to track performance at their organizations. Zaidi realized that they were not mere KPIs but key drivers for HR leaders to make decisions based on credible, real-time data. An idea immediately struck Zaidi’s mind. “I couldn’t wait to get my team on the bandwagon and create a powerful solution that could revolutionize the HR industry,” says Zaidi. The result was a flexible human capital business intelligence (BI) dashboard, which BullseyeEngagement’s team integrated into their comprehensive cloud-based human capital management platform hitting the bullseye in the process.

Although BullseyeEngagement’s platform is currently helping hundreds of organizations to nurture their talents from ‘hire-to-inspire,’ its new addition flexible human capital BI dashboard takes the platform’s capability a level higher. It not only empowers clients to calculate and display performance metrics but also makes the configurability easier, such that organizations can add or delete HR metrics from the standard dashboard. The tool allows clients to drill down to successive organizational levels and populate data through a simple methodology. Further, it provides optional performance benchmarking to industry averages and internal targets and also allows companies to control user access to its elements. “We can have this up and running for clients in less than two weeks, which is unheard of in our industry,” states Zaidi. “We have received massive appreciation from SHRM and ISO members for this latest addition into our comprehensive platform,” he adds.
At its core, BullseyeEngagement provides industry agnostic HR solutions through its platform that allow decision-makers to better manage performance review, risk, goals, talent, check-ins and many other features. The platform has separate modules to address the needs for performance management, goal management, talent development, succession planning, and compensation planning, while providing decision-makers with BI dashboards for effective decision-making. This not only helps clients facilitate a coaching and mentoring culture, but also enhances employee retention and significantly improves employee engagement. Since the platform is designed with a bottomup approach, employees can reach out to their reporting managers or HR heads to develop their own career paths. Top talent is benchmarked so that they can act as mentors to other employees.

The solutions developed by BullseyeEngagement can be subscribed in a la carte fashion, where clients only pay for what they use. The company also updates its platform frequently based on client feedback and user considerations, which ultimately allow clients to resolve their biggest challenges. Zaidi comments, “The secret sauce to our success is listening to customer pain-points and reacting to them proactively, with new features added continuously.” In one instance, BullseyeEngagement helped a client prevent impending sexual harassment lawsuits by exposing problems beforehand. The platform brought clarity into the process, and the anonymous communication carried out through BullseyeEngagement’s platform helped the client more timely become aware of the issues, allowing them to take proactive measures internally.

BullseyeEngagement has always been an advocate of listening to the needs and demands of its clients and delivering innovations that can help the HR industry. With the recent addition of its human capital BI dashboard, the company has indeed taken the next step in its evolution toward becoming a leader in the HR solution space, positioned to remain there for the foreseeable future.


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Human Capital Analytics Leap Forward

By Rick Lueders, Vice President Business Strategy, Bullseye Engagement

Rick Lueders

Rick Lueders, Vice President

As a human resources professional with a financial / analytical background I admit to having a perpetual feeling of frustration for most of my career in the human capital analytics space. For many years even the most basic information was hard to come by - and somewhat suspicious in its accuracy and reliability when it was available. I remember one assignment I had while working for a large snack food company that attempted to quantify the total rewards cost versus revenue trend. In order to obtain the information required I had to play detective; there was no easy source for the information needed. And this company was sophisticated in its basic operations reporting! The results of this first-of-its-kind study were hard to believe. Not long after, the company went through a significant reduction in force in order to achieve a more sustainable relationship between these make-or-break metrics.

Over the past several years more and more attention has focused on human capital investments. And with good reason, as our economy has shifted towards services and technology sectors in which a significant portion of the asset base walks out the door each day. Yet, until very recently, companies large and small found themselves constructing in-house reporting tools that were frequently one-off in design, cumbersome to generate and maintain, and difficult to interpret. Plenty of data were available, but benchmarkable, actionable, easy-to-understand information was still hard to come by.
Until now. In articles published in the last couple of years, the Society for Human Resource Management (“SHRM”) and the International Organization for Standardization (“ISO”) have both released broad ranges of metrics designed to capture and standardize human capital management information and reporting. Each organization’s metrics are grouped into major categories with 60 to 70 metrics apiece. (Definitions are similar but not identical; companies would be well advised to consider both data sets and select those metrics which provide the most actionable information based on organizational specifics.) Major categories include workforce planning and staffing, talent management, total rewards, employee relations, risk management, diversity and productivity, to name a few.

The next challenge is to efficiently compile and distribute a company’s metrics in a way that enables managers to take timely, decisive actionAt least one HR engagement and business intelligence platform company is producing an intuitive, web-based human capital intelligence dashboard modeled after the most significant metrics recommended by both SHRM and ISO. (No doubt there will be more firms with similar offerings in the future.) These dashboards achieve the objective of quantifying human capital investment impact while highlighting opportunity areas in an easy-to-grasp high level “speedometer“ format - in addition to providing the underlying detail in a hierarchical view of customizable charts, graphs and data tables. Simple, configurable, understandable. A true leap forward in the human capital analytics space. (If only I had had access to such a toolset in my prior life!)

Richard J. (“Rick”) Lueders is Vice President Business Strategy for Bullseye Engagement, a provider of leading-edge, web-based talent development, engagement and business intelligence tools. He is a seasoned human resources executive and consultant with 30+ years global experience in all aspects of compensation, benefits, and human resources systems. Rick has worked for and with companies such as PepsiCo, Inc, United Technologies Corporation, DTE Energy Company, Hewitt Associates and The Hershey Company. He is a frequent speaker at national human capital conferences and seminars.

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BullseyeEngagement Recognized by HR Tech Outlook Magazine as Top 10 HR Analysis Solution Providers - 2018

Empowering the Employer- Employee Relationship

Adeel Zaidi

Adeel Zaidi, Founder & CEO

“If you had a suggestion or an issue, you could write a note and drop it in the suggestion box; if you were lucky, you might get an answer” says Adeel Zaidi, founder and CEO of Bullseye Engagement, recalling how the lack of effective HR solutions made employee engagement an untapped asset for many companies. “Employees did not have a platform allowing them to raise issues that managers were responsible to answer.” Employee experiences such as these ignited the passion in Zaidi to begin a journey to create compelling HR engagement and human capital management cloud software solutions. Coming from an industrial engineering and operations management background, Zaidi worked with HR industry experts to develop leading edge solutions that are research-based, modular and easy to use. Serving some of the largest companies across several industries, Bullseye’s fully integrated talent development portal drives employee engagement through consistent and seamless communication channels.

By rethinking employee-employer communications, Bullseye Engagement’s platform enables organizations to reap maximum value from their human capital investment. It comes as a power pack of twelve state-of-the-art modules for every aspect of employee engagement from hire to inspire. The modules cover five areas: talent development, performance, surveys, compensation and business intelligence. Each of these modules can be utilized on a standalone basis or fully integrated with one another.

The company’s highly configurable content addresses the highest three segments of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: self-actualization, esteem, and belonging, which are underserved by others in the market.
Research indicates that engagement leads to higher productivity, better safety, and stronger profitability. With Bullseye’s solutions, organizations can easily conduct check-ins for frequent and low stress employee/ manager communication. They can also efficiently and systematically execute tasks such as reviews, rewards, recognition, development plans, career pathing, risk assessment and succession planning. Positions with high attrition rates are automatically identified, and risk management logic prioritizes those requiring succession planning.

The company’s compensation module systematically plans merit and bonus/incentive pay based on performance ratings and budgets, all driven by easily configurable rules. Additionally, Bullseye’s suite of offerings provides real-time employee engagement and instant pulse surveys allowing for current versus historical data analysis. The company’s business intelligence dashboards synthesize data from multiple sources to display real-time operational metrics in the form of visually intuitive dials, charts, and graphs.

“BullseyeEngagement’s modular solutions are crafted to allow companies to move away from conventional tools such as spreadsheets and manual administration of employee engagement processes”, adds Richard Lueders, VP of Business Strategy. Lueders, whose experience includes time with companies like PepsiCo and United Technologies, believes that Bullseye’s platform is well ahead of the competition, evidenced in the solution’s capability to seamlessly integrate with an organization’s existing HR system of record to eliminate duplicate employee data entry.

In addition, a recent independent study of competitive offerings found that Bullseye’s platform is up to 90 percent configurable, far beyond most of its competition, which enables modules to be deployed on a plug-and-play basis without requiring an organization to redesign its existing talent management processes. Consequently, modules can be set up and running within a few months for mid-sized companies while requiring minimal internal training time. Being industry agnostic, the Bullseye platform currently supports a diverse clientele including technology, oil and gas, staffing and higher educational institutions with companies such as Intel, Marriott, and Caterpillar in its portfolio. “Bullseye paves the way for companies to ignite the fire in their employees—creating a win for all,” concludes Zaidi.


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BullseyeEngagement Recognized by CIO Review Magazine as 20 Most Promising HR Tech Solution Providers - 2018

A Transformative Approach to Employee Engagement

Adeel Zaidi

Adeel Zaidi, Founder & CEO

As the war for talent rages on, the most critical focus for an organization is to nurture, develop, and retain its talent while improving efficiency and productivity. It is well documented that employee engagement is a key driver of talent retention and that higher levels of engagement lead to improved organizational productivity and profitability. Gallup surveys consistently show that 67 percent of employees are either actively disengaged or only minimally engaged at work. Companies have struggled for several years to find ways to improve this ratio.

Further research has identified characteristics of highly-engaged organizations, and a common theme is that these companies promote frequent and transparent communication among all levels of the organization, so that employees’ interests are much better aligned with those of the organization. Although the market is replete with solutions that purport to improve employee engagement, BullseyeEngagement has nailed it with an entire cloud-based solutions suite that is designed with a principal focus of facilitating communication—a simple and intuitive platform. Developed from a perspective of maximizing user adoption and intuitiveness, the platform provides hire to inspire integrated solutions for human capital development and engagement.

The platform has separate modules to address the needs for performance management, frequent check-ins, goal management, talent development, talent match, competency management and assessment, succession planning, compensation management, and pulse surveys while also providing decision makers with BI dashboards for effective decision-making. The portal is up to 90 percent configurable to accommodate customer requirements, so customers do not have to re-engineer their processes to fit the software. “Every customer feels that our solutions have been custom packaged for them,” says Adeel Zaidi, Founder and CEO of BullseyeEngagement.

The salient feature of the Bullseye suite is that each solution facilitates transparent, two-way communication that fosters a sense of belonging, which, in turn, drives employee engagement, customer satisfaction and, ultimately, stakeholder satisfaction. “The portal is employee-driven and enables the leadership team to create a culture of engagement,” states Zaidi.

Bullseye’s portal facilitates connectivity between individuals that allows for collaborative teamwork. Since the platform is designed with a bottom-up approach, employees can reach out to their reporting managers or HR business partners to design their own career paths. Top talent is benchmarked so they can act as mentors to other employees.

The portal is employee driven and we help the leadership team to create a culture of engagement

The platform facilitates continuous performance monitoring in contrast to the conventional annual appraisal, which most often is an ineffective exercise.

“The alignment of vision and mission of an organization only comes through frequent communication between employer and employees,” remarks Zaidi.

Through its succession planning solution, Bullseye also helps companies to systematically identify and develop successors for the critical positions in the organization through dashboards that highlight the bench strength across teams. The solution replaces conventional data analysis methods like spreadsheets and provides the leadership insights about the competencies of each team member positioned on succession planning charts.

“Our main differentiator is that our portal was created by `operational people,’ ” mentions Zaidi. He also points out that because Bullseye’s portal is modular, a customer need only subscribe to what they will immediately use, rather paying for the entire solutions suite upfront. It goes without saying that their client roster includes leading players like Anderson Hospital, City National Bank, Detroit Manufacturing Systems, Forum Technologies, Intel, Kelly Services, Caterpillar, Marriott among others.

Bullseye stays ahead of the competition by constantly innovating and introducing new features based on customer feedback, having a new release every 90 days. With its focus on enabling meaningful communications, Bullseye aims to transform the workplace by providing easy-to-use tools that address every aspect of employee engagement.


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BullseyeEngagement Introduces BEPMS Login App

BullseyeEngagement has introduced a mobile app that enables users to easily access the principal functionality of Bullseye Performance Management System through their mobile devices. This app allows users to bypass the login process and connect directly to their BEPMS accounts. Bullseye plans to introduce additional innovative apps during the next year, which will further enhance our fully integrated cloud-based solutions

The BULLSEYE BEPMS login App may be downloaded from both Apple and Google Stores. More information about BULLSEYE and other solutions from BULLSEYE is available here.

app google app iphone

BullseyeEngagement LLC Debuts New Logo, Rebranding Effort

Leading organizational performance software company touts simplicity of interaction

HOUSTON, TX (January 6, 2014) - The Houston, TX-based organizational performance software company formerly known as BullseyeEvaluation, LLC has unveiled a corporate rebranding effort and a new logo debut as BullseyeEngagement, LLC. Additionally, the company tagline is now prominently featured underneath the logo as, Performance Management Made Simple. The name change and simplification of its previous logo signify the company's efforts to reflect upon the key benefits of its organizational performance-based software solutions.

"Changing over from ‘evaluation' to ‘engagement' takes into consideration an important meaning in the understanding of our company's software solution product lines," said Bullseye Founder and CEO Adeel Zaidi. "Our organizational performance management software solutions are about engaging individual employees with the executive leadership constituencies in all levels of a company. It definitely speaks to our core identity in the marketplace and exactly what we have to offer. For our clients, it's all about encouraging frequent communication which leads to engagement," he added.

When compared to the previous version, the rebranding and streamlined look of the new BullseyeEngagement logo is designed to be simple, contemporary and user-friendly. These attributes directly reference the ease-of-use and cutting edge technology employed within the trio of Bullseye software solutions, BullseyePerformanceTM, BullseyeOpsTM and BullseyeSurveysTM. What sets apart Bullseye's non-form based software solutions is the integration of employee performance and operations management tasks into one simple dashboard-providing meaningful monitoring, measurement and insights.

In addition to the revitalized corporate logo and evolved messaging platform, Bullseye will also be unveiling a re-designed website presence to better showcase their software solution lines and reach their target audience of potential clients. "We needed to bring our corporate identity and branding closer in line with what our software solutions can do for companies," stated Zaidi. "Enabling organizations to meet and exceed their strategic engagement goals through the use of our integrated software solutions is our primary mission," he added.  

About BullseyeEngagement LLC

BullseyeEngagement is a leading global management solutions company that optimizes the employee and operational performance of organizations. Using advanced cloud-based technology, Bullseye provides trendsetting, non-form based systems for the measurement of employee and organizational performance. These applications dramatically improve engagement through by facilitating frequent communication and incorporating social feedback. Our business intelligence capabilities display real-time information through innovative key performance indicator (BI) dashboards. Bullseye's software solutions are all user-friendly, configurable and quickly deployed. call (888) 515-0099.