Our Values

Accountable (Achieve Results)

  • Responsive to Customers, Investors/ Advisors, Partners
  • Aggressive pursuit of goals

Executional Excellence

  • Highest quality customer implementation/ service
  • Operational excellence
  • Continuous improvement focus
  • Maintain highest level competencies


  • R&D focus with customer/ market driven product development
  • Thought leadership emphasis
  • Creativity

Openness & Teamwork

  • Engagement and alignment
  • Open, honest communications
  • Non-judgmental
  • Seek the best for others
  • Collaborative/ collective intelligence emphasis
  • Celebrate successes and have some fun

Unquestioned Integrity & Trust

  • Develop long-term trusting relationships with all stakeholders
  • High confidence levels with customers
  • Trust each other's intentions
  • Fairness, equality, and non-discrimination in relationships/interactions