Talent Development
Base System

The Bullseye platform is modular, meaning you generally only need to pay for the solutions you need today. Subscribe to one or all of our solutions depending on what your organization needs now.

Key Features

  • Check-Ins
  • Ethics Lifeline
  • Performance reviews including 360°
  • Goals Management
  • Talent Development Plans
  • Employee Profile
  • Stay & Exit Interviews
  • Recognition and Rewards
  • Action Plans
  • Bullseye Teams
  • At-a-Glance Dashboard
Talent Development Base System


Encourage easy and unfiltered communication between employees, managers, and HR partners

Ethics Lifeline

Empower anyone in the organization to speak up about ethical concerns

Performance Reviews & 360s

Easily document appraisals and retrieve actionable insights with high-level dashboards

Goals Management

Set, communicate, and evaluate goals at individual, departmental, & organizational levels

Talent Development Plans

Empower career growth and ensure alignment with organizational objectives

Employee Profile

Easily access employee work history, skills, development actions, experience, and more
Talent Development Features

Stay & Exit Interviews

Document high-quality, honest feedback from employees

Recognition & Rewards

Boost employee morale, productivity, and retention by recognizing a job well done

Action Plans

Lay out the tangible steps necessary to achieve goals, manage projects, or respond to change

Bullseye Teams

Stay connected in real-time with project-based teams using simple tools to track, manage, and collaborate

At-a-Glance Dashboard

Gain instant insights into key metrics and trends for quick decision-making