Training Management

BullseyeEngagement's Training Management Software solution tracks the progress of employee training programs. Whether the content is internally developed or the product of a third-party Learning Management System, BullseyeEngagement keeps track of employee progress on training. By keeping track of learning and training progress in a single interface, BullseyeEngagement provides managers and HR leaders greater insight into the overall development of individual employees and the organization as a whole.

Key Features

  • Access to centralized training library
  • Monitor training progress through At-a-glance Dashboard
  • Ability to request learning courses
Training Management
Customize Training Programs

BullseyeEngagement's Training Management Software provides multiple advantages by digitizing and centralizing your training procedures.

Host a centralized training library of internally developed training materials with links to third-party training
Assign training to employees and track progress of completing assigned training
Automatically assign training to defined groups of employees
Training Features
Training progress is monitored in At-A-Glance Dashboard
Upload certifications of completed training
Employees can request learning courses to upgrade competencies
Option to allow employees to update training progress
Internally Developed Training

Internally Developed Training

If your organization has its own internally developed training content, BullseyeEngagement's Training Management System helps track progress of individual employees, specific locations or business units, and the organization as a whole.

Third Party Training

Third Party Training

BullseyeEngagement offers single sign-on and integration with many third-party learning management systems. The platform is also fully integrated with the Branier Learning Management System.

Training Management Software

Why Bullseye Engagement's Training Management Software?

By utilizing our Training Management Software your organization can keep your organizational training goals on track.

BullseyeEngagement's simple training interface means that there are less chances of your training falling through the cracks because your leaders and HR partners can monitor training, progress, and development actions from our easy to use portal. By monitoring their skill development you can ensure that your employees are progressing, which keeps them more motivated, productive, engaged and committed.