Business Intelligence Dashboards

Having instant access to all of the information that you need to make informed decisions about your business is invaluable. With BullseyeEngagement's custom-developed business intelligence dashboards, you have real-time access to the key organizational performance metrics you need right when you need them.

Key Features

  • Data visualization with customizable charts
  • Data filters
  • Drill-downs and drill-throughs
  • Real time updates
  • Targets & threshold configurations
  • Action plans
  • Notification alerts and reminders
  • Mobile friendly
Business Intelligence Dashboards
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Operational BI Dashboards

The Bullseye Operational, Executive, and Human Capital BI Dashboards synthesize data from disparate sources and combine that information into a visual display of easy-to-read metrics that management can use to identify problem areas and focus attention on key action items to mitigate risk and potential problems. That means an invaluable tool in your pocket not only for making short-term decisions, but also long-term plans that drive business success.

The Operational Dashboard displays visual representations of real-time data, so you can easily assess trends, improve operational efficiency, and highlight areas of risk. This helps leaders know what is going on at a glance and immediately create a plan to address any issues. The Dashboard gives leaders anytime access to the metrics that matter to your organization without spending time gathering information from various sources. A few of the key features that you will find on the operational dashboards are listed below.

Performance Score

Data is displayed in visually intuitive dials, graphs, and charts. Top-level displays show key performance indicators, while successive drill-down levels provide detailed data. This multilayered approach makes it easy to conceptualize data rather than to see a series of numbers without any real-world application.

Head Count

Dashboards can be populated with organizational data by means of input templates, Excel or .csv formatted uploads, and API's from other systems; a data import utility enables access to source data from FTP sites or e-mailboxes. We make it easy to keep real-time data visible in the Dashboard without requiring you to totally redo how you do business. Our friendly (human!) support team is happy to help configure your Dashboard and answer any questions that you may have regarding compatibility.


Compare actual results to budgets, targets and benchmarks. Alert screens highlight negative trends and business areas requiring immediate attention.

User Permission

Organizations can manage access to dashboard data through privilege controls. Only selected users can access the data, so you can have peace of mind that confidential information is not released to unauthorized visitors. As employees and leaders change positions, system administrators have the ability to grant and rescind access to different areas of data as needed with ease.

BI Dashboards Tab

Comprehensive communications system, including notifications, reminders, alerts, and mobile notifications. This helps leaders keep tabs on important business data without constantly checking the dashboard. Users can be notified and reminded as needed so important actions do not fall by the wayside.