Workforce Planning

The Workforce Planning Module from BullseyeEngagement is here to help you to prepare for the future by consolidating your workforce planning. It puts all of your relevant information in one place so you don't need to rely on excel spreadsheets, sticky notes, paper and powerpoints to make workforce planning decisions. The Workforce Planning Module makes it easy to plan for restructuring or reductions in force, and project future budgetary and recruiting needs.

Key Features

  • Organizational modeling tool
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Pro Forma Organization Charts
  • Strategic Organizational Planning
  • Efficient Staff Reduction Initiatives
  • Business Expansion Planning
Workforce Planning
Workforce Planning Work For My Organization

How Can Workforce Planning Work For My Organization?

The Workforce Planning feature from BullseyeEngagement provides not only a real world snapshot of your existing workforce, but also a way to plan for wherever it is headed in the future. That means that you can identify whether your company risks being under-staffed, over-staffed, or over-budget. Take a look below to learn more about all of the ways that Workforce Planning can work for your business or organization.

Using our software you can create, view, and edit models for any business unit, location, division, function, or department.

This means that you can get a comprehensive look at different areas of the organization and determine what staffing and compensation decisions need to be made ahead of time.

Proactively address change and manage uncertainty

Not all change originates with the business. With the uncertainty of the world, economy, and day-to-day life, changes can happen in the blink of an eye. Using configurable charts and what-if-scenarios allows you to better manage potential and identified changes that your business or organization may face in the years to come. Having this information can allow you to not only succeed, but to thrive where others fail.

Workforce Planning Features

Increase the transparency of forecasted budget changes.

This feature will allow you to forecast the estimated labor cost of planned restructuring, workforce reduction, as well as expansion. Doing so will allow you to link expenditures on human capital against business outputs and outcomes and let you see where your bottom line truly lies and what that really means for your business.

Identify talent gaps and succession risks.

This allows you to forecast vacant and critical positions to guide future hiring decisions. Additionally, you can match open positions to available internal talent and whether you need to look externally to fill a vacant position to mitigate any future risks that the organization may face.

What Size Business Will This Module Work For?

While the number of personnel may be relatively stable for businesses with a smaller number of people, the challenges that these businesses face are no less daunting. For those companies or organizations looking to grow or expand to other areas, you can project the number of personnel needed to reach a certain capacity and create what-if scenarios to prepare for environmental and economic changes. No matter what business you're in, an easy-to-use cloud-based Human Capital Management software with Workforce Planning capabilities can help streamline talent management processes and help your company adapt to the ever changing world.