Engagement Survey

The degree to which an employee feels passionate about their work and committed to an organization can be measured as Employee Engagement. It is a key factor in the success of a business or organization as it is closely correlated with profitability, productivity, safety, absenteeism and turnover.

Key Features

  • Automated pulse surveys
  • AI-powered sentiment insights
  • Results may be filtered by any demographic designator
  • Privilege-based access to survey results
  • Anonymous and non-anonymous surveys
  • Research-backed question bank and survey templates
  • Engagement reporting and analytics
Engagement Survey

Calculate Your Company's Potential Gains Per Year with Increased
Employee Engagement

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Engagement Survey Platform

Survey can be deployed using internally-developed content or content supplied by Bullseye
Optional expert content developed by the Employee Engagement Institute
Responses are recorded in real-time and displayed in an intuitive dashboard
Access is privilege based, so authorized viewers can be limited to seeing only the results of their own departments, locations, or divisions
Engagement Survey Features
Results can be filtered by any demographic designator, and raw survey data can be exported for further data manipulation
Areas of engagement below a preset target level can automatically generate a requirement for an improvement action plan
Periodic Pulse surveys can be deployed between scheduled engagement surveys to test reactions to elements of the action plan.
Action Plan

Action Plans

Move from insight to action

When employees see action after a survey they are 12x more likely to be engaged the following year.*
Use Action Plans to connect survey results with your path to meaningful improvement


How Can BullseyeEngagement Help?

Through the use of both engagement and pulse surveys as well as our other available solutions, we can help you get an overall better picture of your place of work and identify underlying issues. While these tools on their own will not give you all of the answers that you are looking for, they are a key component to any successful business that cares about not only their place of work, but also the individuals that work there. Those people at all levels, after all, are your most precious resource.

Survey Rating

Putting It All Together

What it comes down to is that there is no one singular thing that will tell you everything that you want to know at any given time. However, by collecting results from various surveys and analyzing the data, you can get a better view of the organization as a whole. Whether that means taking a monthly pulse survey and combining that with the broader data from an engagement survey, or using surveys ad-hoc, there are endless ways to use survey data for real time decision-making to make informed decisions for the future of your business. Survey data can open your eyes to risks that you could be facing in terms of attrition and any factors that you may not have considered without feedback from your employees.