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Speed of deployment is largely dependent on the size of the customer and the number of solutions subscribed. Generally, a Bullseye system can be deployed in three weeks to three months. Much depends on the length of time it takes for Bullseye to receive the necessary employee data and for the customer to make its staff available for training.

Bullseye’s solutions can often save customers far more money than the cost of the subscription by (a) automating manual processes; (b) enabling greater employee engagement that will reduce turnover.

Bullseye’s software solutions were designed from a user point of view. As a result, they are easy-to-use, engaging and intuitive. Because Bullseye has developed all of its solutions internally, there is a common look and feel with simple interfaces. Bullseye solutions are up to 90% configurable, a much higher degree of flexibility than most of our competitors. Bullseye solutions can be deployed more quickly than those of our competitors and are very affordable.

Many studies have shown that frequent, open, transparent communication between employees and their managers are critical to higher levels of employee engagement. Bullseye’s solutions suite facilitates such communications through their ease-of-use, simple user interfaces and emphasis on coaching and mentoring.

No, it’s not absolutely necessary, but it makes the job much easier. Automation allows for many efficiencies, and cloud software enables immediate access wherever there is an internet connection. The speed of communication and the ability to easily provide and share feedback facilitate a culture of coaching and mentoring that is a hallmark of companies with a high degree of employee engagement.

Live telephone support is available to customer during standard office hours. In addition, customers may use e-mail or an internal ticketing system to communicate with Bullseye’s customer support staff. Questions submitted via e-mail or the ticketing system are almost always answered within 24 hours or by the end of the next business day.

Bullseye is committed to making sure that customers are thoroughly trained to use the solutions to which they subscribe. Bullseye provides training to the persons who will administer the Bullseye solutions and to the managers who will use the solutions. Each customer is responsible for trainings its non-manager users.

Training is generally delivered remotely via webinars. Customers have the option of purchasing on-site training. Over 95% of Bullseye’s customers have received all of their training remotely.