Leading global provider of cloud-based Human Capital management software tools. Our innovative solutions help organizations nurture their people talent from “hire-to-inspire".

bullets We believe that frequent communication within an organization and thoughtful people planning practices facilitate employee engagement.

bullets Focusing on engagement and monitoring Human Capital metrics with the same discipline used to scrutinize financials, impacts the well-being of both people and profits.

bullets Every module we created was designed with these beliefs in mind.


Almost without exception, HR professionals who see Bullseye tools in action say,

"Where have you been all my life?!"

Our Vision

Talent development, engagement, succession planning and leadership business intelligence solutions in one simple, intuitive integrated portal.
We add value to our clients by enabling a culture of coaching and mentoring that stimulates employee engagement.

Quality Policy

For the people at Bullseye, quality begins with understanding our customers’ requirements and is fulfilled by achieving customer satisfaction. By providing internal customers with appropriate resources and leadership, we meet immediate customer requirements and strive to exceed final customer expectations. Continuous improvement of quality and prevention of failures are the responsibilities of every Bullseye employee

BullseyeEngagement is a leading global provider of cloud-based human capital management software solutions. Our solutions suite helps organizations nurture their people talent "from hire-to-inspire". We believe that frequent communication within an organization and thoughtful people planning practices facilitate employee engagement.

Bullseye began in 2010 with a single point and click non-form based performance management application envisioned by our founder, Adeel Zaidi. Users were attracted by the ease and speed of documenting performance appraisals so that managers could spend more time speaking face-to-face with direct reports about performance. Since then, our solutions suite has evolved to include a talent development portal; a compensation planning and management application; BullseyeSurveys, which includes employee engagement and other stakeholder surveys; PeopleTrackerTM which helps identify "best fits" to meet talent placement needs; Rewards4PeopleTM, a comprehensive employee rewards and redemption program; a succession planning module, and custom-developed Human Capital business intelligence dashboards.

Our Leadership Team

Adeel Zaidi

Founder & CEO

Shahid Abbasi

Chief Technical Officer

Tony Maresca

Chief Financial Officer

Margaret Lazo

Member Advisory Board
Business Strategy

Michael K. Francis

Strategic Partner & Regional Representative

"We are not just a software provider; we are a solutions provider. We realize our clients have unique needs and that our success depends on theirs. We work hard to understand the pain points they have and the problems they are trying to solve. That requires us to listen carefully, ask questions, and work collaboratively to ensure solutions that we implement make a positive difference."

Adeel Zaidi, Founder & CEO

Hire-to-Inspire Solutions that help retain talent, increase engagement and decrease turnover

Customized solutions for various markets and industries,
including corporate, healthcare, education, etc.