Make it easier to provide the employee experience your people deserve

BullseyeEngagement puts all of your employee development, performance management, and strategic planning tools in one place.

The Bullseye platform is modular—meaning you only pay for what you truly need

Employees, HR professionals, and company leadership should believe the software they use is doing something FOR them, not TO them.

Our Solutions

Performance Reviews & 360s
Business Intelligence Dashboards
Competency Management
Workforce Planning
Workforce Planning
Recognition & Rewards
Risk Assessment
 Ethics Lifeline
Ethics Lifeline
Compensation Planning
Goals Management
Succession Planning
Talent Bench Strength
Talent Bench Strength
Engagement & Pulse Surveys
Training Management
Talent Matching

Engage and develop employees from hire to retire

Why is employee engagement so valuable?

An engaged workforce leads to:

  • Better work quality and fewer safety incidents
  • Higher productivity and profitability
  • Higher employee retention
  • Culture of transparent communication and teamwork

Engage employees & make better decisions

We provide tools to effectively address every aspect of employee engagement and provide the human capital data leaders need to see its impact to profitability and sustainability.


Increase efficiency & deliver results

Our solutions help HR professionals STOP wasting valuable time on overly complicated administrative tasks and START supporting sound people practices & good business decisions.


Know how they feel

Measure engagement, check the pulse of your employees, solicit real-time feedback from meeting attendees, design a comprehensive client survey, or customize your own survey.

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Identify and develop competencies

  • Match employees to projects based on their competencies
  • Facilitate succession planning 
  • Enable employees to model their career paths
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Enable employees to reach their full potential

  • Create a centralized library of internally developed training with links to third-party learning management system systems
  • Assign training to employees and track their progress
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Boost morale and engagement with recognition & rewards

  • Recognize wins, accomplishments, and teamwork
  • Peer-to-peer recognition
  • Manger-employee recognition
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Build relationships & keep everything on track

  • Eliminate communication barriers between employees and leaders
  • Schedule regular check-ins or initiate ad-hoc
  • Keep a documented record of each interaction
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Empower employees to meet both personal and company objectives

Assign individual, departmental and corporate goals that align with a company's defined strategy and objectives

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Make better strategic decisions with visual tools and reports

Focus on your people, not paperwork

  • Document performance reviews in minutes with simple point-and-click entries
  • Stay on track with organizational objectives using helpful notifications and reminders
  • Quickly retrieve actionable insights with high-level dashboards
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Guide, capture, & retain the history of your succession planning

  • Use predictive modeling of attrition risk and impact of departure
  • Identify early warning indicators and initiate dialogue with those you can't afford to lose
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Streamline your recruiting process

  • Identify qualified internal & external talent for open positions
  • Track Alumni, Contractors, Volunteers & Employees
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Make objective decisions about compensation

Plan merit raises, promotion increases, and cash bonus compensation that are tied to the key metrics your company uses to make decisions

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Break free from spreadsheets and sticky notes

Turn raw data into actionable insights for your business

  • Custom developed business intelligence dashboards provide intuitive, real-time access to key organizational performance metrics
  • Synthesize data from disparate sources into a visual display of metrics
  • Identify problems and focus attention on key action items
  • Calculate and display KPIs recommended by SHRM and ISO
  • Benchmark to industry averages or internal targets