Headquarters Hamilton, New Jersey

No. of Employees Over 200 employees

Industry Banking

Modules Appraisals, Check Ins, and Succession Planning

First Bank NJ is a commercial bank with eighteen branches in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania area. With approximately 2 billion dollars in assets, First Bank NJ prides themselves on providing great customer service and putting relationships ahead of transactions.

In 2019, First Bank NJ started their search for a comprehensive all-in-one Talent Management suite to automate and integrate processes such as Performance Management, Career Development and Pathing, Succession Planning and Leadership Development.

In BullseyeEngagement, First Bank found the perfect partner to help meet their goals of retaining top performers, developing career growth, and aligning their leadership with the strategic needs of the organization.

When compared to our competitors, First Bank NJ chose BullseyeEngagement because of our wide variety of modules and capabilities. First Bank NJ wanted their talent management processes to be administered under one software.

BullseyeEngagement offered the solutions that First Bank NJ needed as their company develops and further grows.

Paula Huergo, First Bank’s VP/Strategic Planning Officer, could not help but to point out that BullseyeEngagement’s service and support team’s services outperformed all other services that she has tried because of our compassionate and flexible team. By providing the right tools, trainings, and people, implementation was very easy for First Bank NJ.

With our services, First Bank NJ has strategically worked to create a culture of developing and growing their human resources.