Higher Education Institution

Founded 1947

No. of Employees 1,400

Industry Higher Education (Colleges & Universities)

The Initial Problem

  • Inconsistent performance feedback between managers & employees
  • No concrete focus on employee productivity
  • Inefficient performance appraisal system
  • Low employee engagement
  • No real goal-setting

Key Results

Performance Appraisal Completion Rates

  • Before Implementing Bullseye’s Solutions: 29% completion
  • Year 1 with Bullseye: 69% completion
  • Year 2 with Bullseye: 80% completion

The Solution

As part of the institution’s long-term plan to improve employee engagement and create a more performance-driven culture, Bullseye’s Performance Management solutions were introduced. The new system facilitated dialogue between department leaders about productivity, employee development, and succession planning.

Higher Education Institution Leverages Bullseye’s Solutions to
Effectively Manage Change and Drive Engagement

To emerge successfully from a critical administration transition and culture shift, this institution knew it was essential to provide new tools for its administrators, managers, and employees. Administrators needed a tool that would give them an overview of their diverse departments and KPI’s. Managers needed to be held accountable and motivate their teams. Employees needed better communication and a way to gauge their own performance more effectively. BullseyeEngagement was the perfect performance management tool at the perfect time.

True change management happened at the organizational level with the implementation of BullseyeEngagement’s solutions. The institution transitioned its paper system to a cloud-based system and instantly saw positive results. Within the first 12 months, the engagement with performance management tools within the organization went from 29% to 80%. This was due to the implementation of Bullseye’s tools and effective change management.

The new SaaS system helped the organization as a whole re-establish their big picture goal—to maximize every employee by ensuring he or she is challenged, engaged, motivated, and well-trained.

The organization also needed managers equipped to lead in the midst of change who could motivate and uphold the institution’s core values.

BullseyeEngagement helped to identify these managers and track their progress. Administrators and managers were also given greater insight into the performance of the staff with managerial reviews and student surveys.

As administrators and managers work to create consistent processes for the school, the Bullseye system will only become more customized and tailored to the needs of the institution.

Results Summary


HR Transformation

  • The paperless process makes the performance appraisal tools more accessible to employees and managers and provided HR partners more effective oversight of the performance review process.
  • Bullseye’s solutions facilitate effective goal setting and gives leaders statistical data to effectively assess employee performance
  • There is a greater focus on goal setting as managers share their visions for their departments with employees in a more meaningful way.
  • There is an increased focus on succession planning

Employee Development

  • For the first time, employees have an opportunity to deeply assess their own performance and share feedback. Employees can now analyze their own work and personally identify areas in their performance where further development is needed. This allows managers and employees to collaborate and set meaningful goals.
  • The tool is user-friendly and allows managers to accurately rank their employees based on performance. This creates opportunities for more targeted coaching and employee skill development.

Results Management

  • The dashboards brought more attention to HR analytics. This created an opportunity for HR leaders to reflect on current business practices and seek ways to improve the efficiency of the institution’s business practices.

HR Customer Service Initiative

  • In order to achieve partnerships with its customers, the institution’s faculty, staff, employees, and alumni need to provide customer-centric service that is responsive and effective at all times. Using customer feedback gathered with Bullseye’s survey tool, the institution made significant improvements in its services.

Talent Management

  • Managers and employees are empowered to have honest discussions about performance.
  • Performance is now analyzed by each core competency, allowing for more targeted coaching and employee development.
  • Bullseye reporting made it much easier to track evaluation compensation in real-time, allowing HR to identify the managers that needed additional development. If certain managers were struggling with completing employee evaluations, those managers were offered additional training and assistance to keep them engaged in the talent management process.
  • By coaching and training leaders to effectively manage performance, managers are better developing themselves.
  • Managers are able to improve their employee development tactics when they take a more proactive approach in teaching and developing their employees