Management Consulting Firm

Founded 1946

Industry Management Consulting

Headquarters Michigan, United States

Company Size 8,000 employees

The Initial Problem

A major challenge for operational management is the seamless integration of activity (operations) and performance management into a simple and fully transparent process. In order to effectively execute strategy, it must flow systemically through process to people. Performance management and alignment of individual goals with corporate intent is essential to achieve speed in the execution of strategy. In so doing, activity is properly focused and the many arrows of variability inherent in operations management are continually aligned to the intended long-term outcome of that activity.

The Solution

The organization chose Bullseye’s solutions to deliver a simple, integrated operations / performance management capability. “It integrates performance and operational management in a very simple and elegant dashboard-oriented application,” said a representative of the organization.

Key Results

  • Increased workforce engagement
  • Lower turnover
  • Better governance of process
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness
  • Establishment of a performance culture

Management consulting firm uses Bullseye’s solutions to deliver a bridge between employee performance management and operational performance

This management consulting firm chose to implement Bullseye’s BI Dashboards to support its current services while promoting future work initiatives. As a global organization, the multi-lingual user interface enables the company to support its teams worldwide.

- Representative of the company

“BullseyeEngagement has been a valued partner to our company as we have progressed from the initial pilot in 2012 until today. Their team of professionals took the time to understand our requirements in order to identify our needs. They continue to listen to all of their customers and make system enhancements based on customer feedback. Their innovative program has grown from a basic program to manage employee performance to an innovative platform of alternative value-add solutions, from KPI dashboards to full talent management.

Bullseye leadership and personnel remain extremely flexible and support our organization with continued expertise to enhance our performance management program. They also value the customer's relationship and that is reflected in the professionalism of their interactions. Everyone in our organization feels comfortable contacting them and agree that their biggest strength is the fact that they make us feel as though we are their most important priority."

- Jan T., Director of Operations