Headquarters Coral Gables, Florida

Number of Employees 22,000

Industry Construction Engineering


MasTec’s Challenge

MasTec sought technology to facilitate communication across the organization.


MasTec’s Outcome

MasTec streamlined its internal communication process and improved the company’s overall morale, satisfaction, and productivity.


MasTec’s Solution

Bullseye's Talent Development Portal, Check-ins, Performance Appraisals, and Surveys

MasTec’s Effective Internal Communication Helps the Company
Better Serve Its Customers

MasTec, Inc. is an American home service provider that builds and maintains high voltage electric power transmission and distribution systems.

Before implementing Bullseye’s solutions, MasTec employees were communicating through various means. This ineffective communication put the company at risk of providing customers different responses to their problems or inquiries. Additionally, MasTec was looking for a system to simplify its performance review process and facilitate ongoing feedback between employees, leaders, and HR partners year-round.

Realizing the need for more effective communication within the organization, Katherine Leaman, Senior Regional Human Resources Manager, sought technology to solve MasTec’s problems.

MasTec chose BullseyeEngagement because of the abundance of services offered and the ability for the company to customize a package based on their needs. The system’s ease of navigation and the friendliness of the Bullseye team were the icing on the cake.

Leaman noted that the support she received from Bullseye’s Customer Service & Success team during MasTec’s implementation truly set the company apart from other providers she has encountered.

MasTec now uses Bullseye’s talent development portal to facilitate internal communication, which has worked wonders on the company’s overall employee morale, satisfaction, and productivity. The intuitive user interface and compatibility with mobile devices encouraged high user-adoption among employees and leaders across the organization.

Leaman also considers the performance appraisal and pulse survey functionalities provided by Bullseye Engagement as essential to their company’s survival.