Business Intelligence Dashboards

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Custom developed business intelligence dashboards that provide intuitive, real-time access to key organizational performance metrics. BullseyeOPS & Leadership / Human Capital BI dashboards synthesize data from disparate sources into a visual display of metrics that management can use to identify problems and focus attention on key action items.

Leadership / Human Capital BI Dashboard

  • Calculate and display metrics recommended by SHRM and ISO
  • Easy configurability to add to or delete metrics from the standard Dashboard
  • Drilldown to successive organizational levels
KPI Business Intelligence Dashboards
  • Simple methodology to populate data in the Dashboard
  • Optional benchmarking to industry averages or to internal targets
  • User-controlled privileged access to elements of the Dashboard

Operational Dashboards

  • Data is displayed in visually intuitive dials, graphs and charts; top-level displays show key performance indicators, while successive drill-down levels provide detailed data.
  • Compare actual results to budgets, targets and benchmarks; alert screens highlight negative trends and business areas requiring immediate attention.
  • Organizations can manage access to dashboard data through privilege controls
KPI Business Intelligence Dashboards
  • Dashboards can be populated with organizational data by means of input templates, Excel or .csv formatted uploads, and API's from other systems; a data import utility enables access to source data from FTP sites or e-mailboxes.
  • Comprehensive communications system, including notifications, reminders and alerts, including escalating series of notifications.

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