Stay & Exit Interviews

Collecting employee feedback about their experience in the company gives management a better idea of what problems need to be addressed and how to improve retention. BullseyeEngagement has digitized stay and exit interviews to allow employees to be more transparent and give higher quality responses. Doing this ensures that HR Business Partners are seen as thought leaders who put their people first and provide meaningful metrics needed by leadership to make informed strategic decisions.

Build trust and retain top talent using stay interviews

Stay interviews are critical for your company because:

  1. The employee feels valued and heard, which impacts engagement.
  2. The company and manager receive real-time feedback that can assist with:
    • making improvements in overall on-boarding processes
    • identifying any issues/concerns an individual employee shares that need to be addressed.
  3. HR can utilize metrics and other data pulled from such interviews to create reports that reflect trends, gaps, strengths, etc. This allows for a proactive approach to addressing any problem areas, and provides leadership with an important view into the beginning stages of a new employee’s employment life cycle.

Listen and learn from your employees with exit interviews

Exit interviews helps management find the cause of resignation and the departing employee feel valued and heard, which impacts his or her feelings about the company. This can then translate into communication the employee has with others after leaving.

  1. This impacts a company's reputation and brand.
  2. When departing employees (alums) feel respected and heard as they leave, they are more likely to consider returning in the future if an opportunity arises.
  3. Alums will be more likely to promote your company to other job seekers in their network if the off-boarding experience is positive.

Bullseye Stay/Exit Interview Features

  1. Review and choose from our sample questions library or create your own questions
  2. Customize your own interview to suit your company using both the Likert scale and free-form responses
  3. Access privilege-based survey results limited to their own organizations/departments/locations
  4. Easily pull reports to get a high-level view of gathered insights

Employee Development Reimagined!

Your Guide to Successful

Stay & Exit Interviews

  • 1

    Establish Trust

    Foster an honest environment before the interview to allow for meaningful feedback. Ensure the responses will remain confidential.

  • 2

    Ask good Questions

    Ask open-ended questions to identify employee satisfaction levels and which areas they'd like to change.

  • Example Questions:

    • What do you look forward to when you come to work each day?
    • What do you like most or least about working here?
    • If you could change something about your job, what would that be?
  • 3

    Listen carefully and document

    Stay interviews allow you to learn and address issues to reduce employee attrition and retain top talent.

    Paying attention to exit interviews is equally as important to get honest feedback and identify the drivers of attrition.

    Included in the BullseyeEngagement base system, our stay/exit interviews allow you to easily document high-quality feedback from employees.

  • 4

    Take Action

    After the interviews, take time to analyze and reference the responses to make the needed changes to improve employee retention.