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How prepared is your organization for the loss of a key contributor? With BullseyeEngagement's Talent Benchstrength Solutions (TBS), you can be prepared to immediately fill critical positions with an internal candidate. By identifying, retaining, and developing great people within your organization you can have the successors to key contributors prepared and in place.

Streamlining Talent Development

Using traditional methodologies, talent review and talent management meetings can not only be tedious, but downright stressful. With advances in cloud-based Human Capital Management software, it doesn't have to be that way. Talent Benchstrength streamlines meeting preparation and logistics to make talent reviews more effective, timely and meaningful for both employees and managers alike. That means less time spent pouring over paperwork, compiling information, and providing statistics that may or may not be relevant to the person and the situation at hand. The Talent Benchstrength Solutions software takes all of that information and compiles it into one easy-to-use database that is there when you need it.

Simplify Your Meeting Prep

One of the biggest time detractors is meeting prep. Whether that time is spent looking through stacks of paperwork for the right piece of paper or comparing data from two individuals in similar positions throughout your organization, meeting prep can not only cost time, but money as well. Using the innovative Talent Benchstrength Solutions software, you can not only simplify your meeting prep, but streamline it as well.


Ensure meeting attendees are well-prepared for talent reviews by gathering important information ahead of time.

Assign meeting preparation tasks with templates, forms, and deadlines.

Monitor progress as meeting participants and employees complete assigned prework.


Reduce time spent on administrative tasks and encourage high-impact meetings.

Easily create automated reports with talent review-succession metrics and highlight high vacancy risk employees.


Keep information secure and avoid sending highly confidential documents through email.

Screen and field security settings ensure only privileged users can view confidential talent review documents.

A Proven Approach to Succession Planning

BullseyeEngagement is the only platform that incorporates the tools, templates and terms for succession planning that Doris Sims Spies teaches in her popular Talent Benchstrength workshop. This comprehensive 10-step proven planning process includes decision points to customize your approach.


Eliminate complicated models and multiple spreadsheets

Use the Talent Benchstrength 9-Box Guide, a practical tool that reduces common problems with the traditional 9-Box chart

Create and automate reports without leaving the system


Develop & retain top talent, reduce external recruiting costs, and future-proof your organization

Improve manager-employee career discussions with career discussion templates and talent review guides

Create fully customizable Talent Profiles to be completed by employees, leaders, or HR professionals

What Can Talent Benchstrength Do for My Organization?

Talent Benchstrength Solutions can save you considerable amounts of time and help your organization build an effective succession planning process. Succession planning mitigates the risk of sudden changes in leadership or key roles, but the process itself can be tedious. Talent Benchstrength Solutions streamlines the process, facilitates clear communication and alignment within the organization, and enables you to spend more time running your business.

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