How competency management promotes employee career growth and retention?

Companies around the globe are challenged with holding on to their highly skilled workforce in a competitive market, while also refining performance expectations and developing their internal talent. By clearly defining competency requirements for job roles, and by helping employees assess, manage and develop their own competencies, organizations can promote career growth and create a work culture that employees view as supportive and enriching. People value employers that offer a clear path for career development; thus, empowering employees to develop their competencies and providing a tool that enables employees to match their aspirations to available job roles can positively influence employee job satisfaction, experience and retention.

The term competency denotes the ability to do something successfully and efficiently. Organizations benefit greatly from having a variety of competencies. Imagine if every employee had the same kind of skills. The business would be lacking in a lot of areas. Variation in the skills, abilities, and attributes of its members contributes to the success of organizations. Every employee has their own core competencies that should be assessed and developed

Here are some reasons from the employee perspective to promote competency-based management in your organization:

  • Allows employee to progress as an individual
  • Helps identify their areas of strengths and weaknesses
  • Provides a sense of empowerment and motivation
  • Maximizes employee’s contribution to the organization
  • Offers engagement and building relationships with managers
  • Helps in reaching more opportunities within their desired career
  • Promotes high productivity
  • Most importantly, creates a workspace where people want to work

BullseyeEngagement’s Competency Management module is an investment in the development of your employees and the long-term success of your organization. With this tool, managers and decision makers can ensure their employees have the essential competencies they need to do their jobs well now and provide targeted development actions to fill any skill gaps.

Key Features of BullseyeEngagement’s Competency Management Software

  • Managers can assign learning and development courses from within the module
    Employees can model their career paths by comparing their own job competencies to the required competencies for other positions
  • Both employees and managers assess selected competencies, then a gap report displays differences in their respective assessments
  • Supports talent search activities when internal candidates are being sought to fill open positions
  • Facilitates succession planning activities by showing bench strength of the organization

Hence, BullseyeEngagement’s innovative solutions will help establish a culture of cultivating both employee and organizational competencies. If you are looking to empower your employees so that they can step into the next level of responsibility, management, or even ownership, focus on improving employee satisfaction and positive employee experience using competency management.