Get Your Resume Noticed with these Handy Tips

Don’t Use Clichés

When HR personnel go through tons of resumes, they know which words have been used and overused. Words and phrases such as ‘responsible for’, ‘successfully’, etc., don’t appeal to them. Therefore, you must be creative to give your resume a fresh look. This can be a lot of hard work but will help to ensure that your resume is not discarded after just a couple of lines have been read.

Make sure Your Resume is Adaptable

Never send the same resume to every company you apply at. The resume you send to any company must be tailored to meet that industry’s requirements. More specifically, your resume must meet the requirements of your job vacancy, which means you need to have a resume that can be adapted easily.

Conciseness Certainly Counts

Being concise reflects intelligence, and being concise helps anyone reading your resume will find it easier to get through all your detail in a few minutes. Whenever you get down to drafting your resume you must keep your reader in mind to make sure you write according to what the reader will find digestible. Keep simple but make it stand out.

Career Summary/Objective is a Must

Sometimes, HR personnel have so many resumes to go through that they simply may not have the time to read through all of them completely. This is why you must have a summary at the top of your resume that serves as an attention grabber. This must be written strategically so that you get your message through right at the start and draw your reader in. Your key skills must be highlighted here so that HR personnel can determine immediately if your resume is worth reading through.

Pertinent Keyword Usage is Important

According to research, more than half of all resumes are put through a system that tracks keyword usage. Since online job portals have come into existence and many companies ask for an electronic resume to be mailed or uploaded for them to view, you must follow the keyword usage requirement. This is similar to a search engine that gives you pertinent results based on your key word search. In job databases, administrators run a search for particular keywords that match job vacancies. Your resume must have the right keywords, it will show up in their search, to be pushed along for an initial screening process.

Never Leave Out Visual Appeals

No matter how good your resume is in terms of verbiage, you can never impress any HR personnel without a thoroughly formatted resume that has visual appeal and is easy on the eyes. Use different fonts and font sizes for this purpose along with italicized and bold text to let the main areas of your resume appear more conspicuous. Save your reader’s time and use the right verbiage in your resume, and do it concisely to make you stand out immediately.


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