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As Diversity and Inclusion is top of mind for many organizations, this month we are highlighting ways to promote an equitable workplace with our solutions.

It is important to recognize that true Diversity and Inclusion is not only about recruiting but also retaining. Hiring a diverse workforce means nothing if a company is unable to retain its talent base.

It is critical that leaders ensure diversity reaches the top executive ranks, so cultural oversights do not happen in the first place. They must be committed to it in a real way and invest in it for the long term.

Quote of the Month

“We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color.” —  Maya Angelou

Use Check-ins to give every employee a voice

There is no better time than now to evaluate your organization’s communication strategy. If employees do not feel they have a space that empowers them to speak up about issues and their experiences of bias, they may become less engaged with colleagues, less satisfied with their work, and less loyal to their companies (Hewlett et al., 2017).

Check-ins provide every individual a safe place to express concerns one-on-one with leaders, managers, and coaches without fear of being seen or labeled as an “agitator.” It also eliminates barriers to communication between employees and leaders and removes filters that prevent issues from being resolved.

Furthermore, Bullseye’s Check-in module maintains a documented record of the interactions between employees and managers, which keeps everyone accountable and eliminates misunderstandings.


Enable employee development and career advancement for all

The reality is that for many organizations, diversity has meant hiring people of color in lower-level and mid-management positions that do not have much equity or decision-making power. Many companies struggle to create a culture that enables minoritized groups to reach leadership positions.

Oftentimes managers simply do not know how to ask employees about their career aspirations, and employees do not know how to bring it up themselves. Companies can miss out on incredible talent at the top of their organizations because they fail to provide everyone ample opportunity to develop.

It is time to make a concerted effort to regularly check in with employees and facilitate career pathing. Once you know an employee’s aspirations you can provide opportunities for learning and development, assign and track goals, and give more challenging projects or stretch goals.

Reveal the truth about your organization and take the right steps to become a more inclusive workplace

Becoming a more equitable organization starts with assessing where you stand today. Our Leadership/BI Dashboards synthesize real-time data to help you make informed, objective business decisions. The module displays intuitive snapshots of your organizational data and includes:

  • KPI’s and metrics for diversity recommended by SHRM and ISO
  • Optional benchmarking to industry averages or to internal targets

These customizable dashboards enable leaders to focus attention on key action items and use insights to make action plans, implement trainings, or modify hiring practices.


News & Announcements

We are pleased to announce an addition to our Advisory Board. Soni K Basi, Ph.D. is a strategic and passionate Global Human Resources (GHR) executive guiding the creation of cutting-edge talent programs. With a track record of delivering digital-first initiatives and 20+ years of experience, Soni has worked with some of the world’s most notable companies in Luxury and Consumer Goods, Financial Services, and Pharma. She has been featured in Chief Learning Officer magazine, in American Healthcare Leader magazine, and is a Top 100 Chief Learning Officer.

She is a subject matter expert in Executive Search, Global Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development, Performance & Talent Management, Executive Succession Planning, Culture, Inclusion, and Diversity. We look forward to Soni’s active participation in reviewing and adding her perspective to Bullseye’s solutions moving forward.


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