Top 10 Talent Trends That HR Pros Really Need to Know

There are 10 trends that HR professionals need to be aware of in order to manage employees more effectively. For managing employees more effectively, you will need to implement a strategy that is in sync with current and expected trends.

Managing human resource is about managing employees individually and collectively in order to achieve organizational goals. Therefore, human resource professionals must focus on trends in employee performance and behavior in order to employ a more effective strategy.

CEB research says that talent management is of key importance, and failure to recognize this leads to failure of the organization. Remember, it is the individual’s talent and capability that you invest in when you hire employees. Therefore, you must leverage the skills and talent of your employees if you want your organization to prosper, and to so this, you need to pay attention to certain trends.

Top 10 talent trends to observe

According to the Global Assessment Trends Report that presents data from more than 1,400 HR professionals across the globe. The following points tell us how these professionals value HR trends, and how they gauge the capabilities and potential of their employees.

Here are 10trends in statistically presented that show how HR professionals perceive matters concerning talent recruitment:

  • 82 % of HR professionals believe it’s important for a candidate to react positively to their hiring process. A positive reaction points to the future behavior of the employee in the work environment.
  • Only 40 % of HR professionals track candidate reactions. This means that there is more monitoring required.
  • Sourcing new employees via social media is seen as a credible and important hiring tool. At this point, however, just 25 % of organizations have developed formal policies regarding this.
  • Almost twice as many organizations use objective assessments to gauge talent prior to hiring. Compare this with ongoing assessment of their talent after the hiring process.
  • Around 57 % of HR teams aim to develop talent internally as opposed to hiring talent.
  • It is now a top priority globally to identify high-potential talent.
  • High-potential programs are deemed to be the most commonly used assessments in the future.
  • 56 % or more of HR professionals believe that employee engagement and retention will be most crucial over the next 12 months.
  • Around 42 percent of HR professionals believe that candidates should be allowed to take assessments from their mobile devices.
  • Just 34 % of HR teams have assessments integrated into their HR information systems, and this is part of their external hiring process.

It’s important to keep a track of talent trends as well as those that HR professionals adhere to, so that you can equip yourself with an employee performance strategy. Any strategy employed for better performance management must be in sync with current trends. To learn more about how you can manage your employees better, try our demo.