3 Ways to Boost Engagement in 2021

As remote and hybrid work has become a permanent situation for many companies, it’s important to find ways to engage teams long-term in the new world of work.

Now that we’re past the one-year mark since the pandemic changed the world, most workers are not struggling with productivity or efficiency. Rather, they are dealing with some of the downsides of remote work, including a loss of connectedness and alignment.

Here are a few strategies to engage teams in a meaningful way as you continue working remotely or transition back to the office:

Foster Team and Individual Relationships

It is critical that employees feel connected to their managers, coworkers, and their workplace at large, even when there’s little face-to-face interaction

  • Dedicate time and space for regular employee-manager interactions to show employees that their leaders will be there for them when they need them.
  • Host team check-ins to discuss concerns, answer questions, provide feedback, and hear ideas.
  • Ask meaningful questions: be genuinely curious about your team members and ask insightful questions that show that you’re interested in them.

Provide Honest and Meaningful Feedback Regularly

Don’t wait for quarterly reviews: employee feedback immediately following an event has the greatest impact on performance.

  • Be specific: provide solutions-oriented, crystal-clear feedback that doesn’t leave employees feeling confused or uncertain about how to act.
  • Focus on performance: feedback should be directed toward an employee’s behaviors (what they do) rather than their personality (what they are like).
  • Be consistent: keep a regular cadence of two-way communication going. If needed, schedule meetings or block time on your calendar each week to send feedback to your direct reports.

Celebrate Measured Successes

Genuine praise boosts an employee’s confidence, and with greater confidence comes better performance and higher engagement.

Clearly identify what an employee has done well and provide recognition in whatever form they appreciate the most. A few ideas include:

  • Positive feedback in a one-on-one meeting
  • Social recognition
  • Award certificates
  • Monetary incentives

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