The Best Jobs of 2015 – US News

Picking a job can be a matter of personal taste, and ideally, you’d want to choose the job of your choice. Doing so means that working daily will not really feel like work when you love doing what you do. However, some of us will try and balance out what we love doing with what pays well, offers decent benefits and a sustainable career. Some individuals use these points to plan their higher education.

Some people opt for the medical profession is because of the better pay and sustainability that come along with this profession. As a Dentist, for example, the median salary is around: $146,340. Other factors that are taken into consideration is unemployment rate and expected job vacancies, which are 0.9% and 23,300, respectively.

Being a Nurse Practitioner will get you a median salary of $92,670. This has an unemployment rate of 0.7%, and 37,100 expected job openings. A Registered Nurse has similar promising pay in a good job market. Physical Therapists are a little behind with a median salary of $81,030 and 73,500 expected job openings.

Career paths in the IT industry

Apart from working in the healthcare industry, other professions that pay reasonable salaries include the IT industry. Apart from being a prestigious industry to work in, professions in the IT industry such as Software Developers earn well. The median salary is $92,660, and the unemployment rate is at 2.7%, with expected job opening sat around 139,900.

As a Computer Systems Analyst, the median salary is $81,190. The unemployment rate is 3.5% for this profession, and the expected openings number 127,700. Information Security Analysts are also decently paid. The median salary is around $88,590, and the unemployment rate is 3.5%. The expected job openings number 27,400.

Professions in other industries that pay well include:

  • Market Research Analysts who get a media salary of $60,800.
  • Marketing Managers and IT Managers who may earn around $123,220
  • Accountants can earn $65,080
  • Mechanical Engineers can earn $82,100
  • Civil Engineers can earn around $80,770

Generally, it’s a good idea to consider these three factors (media salary, unemployment rate and job openings) over a period of time before thinking about getting into a particular industry. Those who are already in these industries are able to find their way around in related job areas.

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