Creative ways to recognize Employee Performance

Here are some creative ways to recognize employee and team performance. It’s important for you to understand what matters to individuals or teams when you want to recognize them for their work.

Recognition has to meaningful to employees if you want them to truly feel appreciated. Here are some creative ways to recognize employee and team performance.

Initiate a trophy for performance

There is pride in passing around a trophy for performance. When displayed at an employee’s desk, he or she will feel proud when onlookers admire it. This trophy can be accompanied by a cash award because employees always appreciate cash as an award. So, when you hand the trophy to them, it will have more value in terms of money and pride. The trophy itself does not have to be something costly. It just has to look impressive and have some meaning to it. You can purchase ready made ones in the market or you can even have them custom made.

Find out what treat or candy each employee fancies

You’d be surprised how a little reward of appreciation can impact employees when you give them something they like. It tells employees that you have taken out time to learn what they like. This suits rewards for smaller and individual tasks as opposed to team efforts.

Post task success in the hallway

This is another effective way to have your employee appreciated more widely. Employees generally love to see their name in the hallway where everyone can see their name mentioned for task success. If you can have a space for fellow employees and supervisors to post their felicitations that is even better. Comments like, ‘Great Job!’ coming from anyone is always appreciated.

Small but significant gifts

You can get your employee’s face in print on things like T-shirts or coffee mugs. Look for a good picture of them and print it for them without them knowing so that it is a surprise for them

Notes of thanks

Sending an appreciation letter to en employee’s desk or presenting it in front of office staff is one thing. However, it has a totally different impact if you send this Send a note of thanks to a home address. The employee as well as the family loves to see such things. It’s also not a bad idea to convey thanks to the family for supporting the employee in achieving success. This is based on the fact that families do play a role in ensuring that an employee is motivated to perform at work.

Employees always feel good about receiving an award, especially one that is significant and to their liking. Therefore, you must take time out to do some research or find out what your employees like. It forms a part of employee performance management, and can help you bring out the best in your employees. For greater insight regarding employee engagement strategies, check out our free demo.