Employees Quit Due to these 7 Negative Management Traits

It is now an established fact that employees don’t leave because of a company or co-workers in particular. It’s the policies of the management that drives them away. So, if your employees are running away although your organization is doing well in the market, there is something definitely wrong with the way you’re managing your staff.

There is probably no shortage of management traits that can make an employee want to quit. However, here are the major ones that are most commonly highlighted.

1- No one likes a liar

Employees appreciate honesty. Managers should never engage in lying even just for the sake of entertainment, otherwise employees lose trust in them. The worst thing that managers can do is talk about their personal lives with the idea of condemning their own family in friends in front of employees. Such kinds of things come across as cheap. Be truthful and honest in order to build employee confidence and improve employee and company results.

2- Micromanagement denies employee peace of mind and creativity

Great managers trust their employees’ skills. Remember, employees are hired so that managers do not have to start doing tasks themselves. They may, however, review and examine task results to determine completion, but they should not to get into the creativity in an employee’s head.

What managers ought to do is inspire their employees to perform better and increase employee productivity. This comes with appreciation, even if it is just verbal. Human beings are made that way; they thrive on appreciation, and there’s nothing that a little gratitude can’t achieve.

3- I-Know-it-All attitude does an organization no good

This can really damage employee morale and build permanent communication barriers. This brand of arrogance undermines the intelligence, knowledge and experience of skilled employees and even angers them. Any employee with options will probably not hang on in the organization.

4- What’s with all the secrecy?

Transparency is key for building confidence in your employees. Needless secrecy is never appreciated. It can raise unnecessary suspicion and employees will not feel secure. Make sure communication is open and allow employees to walk into a manager’s room or any superior’s space to share any issues. If there are major issues in the organizations, take your employees into confidence and let them know the reality of the situation. They will appreciate you for this, and they will inevitably produce better business results.

5- Indecisive Exposes Professional Weaknesses

Fickle moves are tantamount to immaturity, lack of confidence Leaders make decisions. A good leader is never afraid to analyze and determine the reality of a situation, and he or she will not hesitate to speak his or her mind in the best interest of the company. Such individuals never indulge in favoritism, and therefore, have nothing to hide. You must show your employees that you are a strong but confident decision-maker. Doing this will help your staff with a better work procedure and it will keep your employees engaged.

6- Bad management has no level of friendship

Employees feel alienated when they are expected to work like robots, with no appreciation. Good managers must show appreciation for the work that employees do. Besides pay and a pleasant environment, employees like to be treated like human beings, and a kind word is most important for improving workforce productivity.

7- Lack of Trust Shatters Confidence

Not only will employees feel disgusted, but managers themselves will never have peace of mind if they create an atmosphere that lacks trust. Each one will be on the lookout for opportunities to backstab the other, and you’ll be proverbially looking over your shoulder constantly for fear of being stabbed. This must be avoided at all costs or productivity will be down to a bare minimum and the company as a whole will suffer. Good employees with options will probably not want to hang on in the long run.You need to show a little trust towards your employees if you want to witness increased employee productivity.

To run an organization effectively and achieve better business results, you not only need to look after your clients well, but you also have to take great care of your employees. Doing this gives your employees a sense of security, which automatically reflects in the way they look after your customers.