Is Your Talent Management Software Built With Recruiters in Mind?

Talent management software is an overwhelming term; its definition encompasses many different recruiting and hiring features. Unfortunately, the term “talent management” is becoming such a vague idea that many believe it means the same thing as Human Resources. This is problematic for recruiters because they are now being forced to use the bulky general HR software suites, which are difficult to navigate and ironically make the recruiting process more difficult than it needs to be.

The reason for this issue is that many vendors create a giant platform for HR personnel that only glosses over the tasks that talent acquisition specialists must complete. There are so many functions that Human Resources employees need, such as training, performance management, payroll, and more. In these general software suites, recruiters get the short end of the stick because they must navigate through these applications to get to their own.

Recruiters source and manage talent. They don’t want to sift through other functions to get to their candidate management tools. Talent acquisition specialists require sourcing tools, candidate relationship management, and social media integration. They don’t need the large-scale HR applications that their coworkers use. Recruiters require more specialized software.

Theoretically, a program that does everything for your department sounds great. However, when you attempt to traverse the mounds of unnecessary features, you find yourself wasting time and energy. In the recruiting industry, you can’t let your competitors beat you to the top workers in the industry. The job market is becoming increasingly more competitive, and the best job seekers aren’t candidates for very long. You need to capitalize on your time and find a software platform that does only the tasks you need it to.

As a talent acquisition specialist, you need to source aggressively. There is no way around it; you are constantly competing for talent. Top recruiters will have the top talent management software in order to keep in touch with the newest developments in talent management. What you need is an innovative platform that updates as the job market changes. For example, you need to be able to engage with your candidate pool on social media and on your company’s career site. Find a solution that allows you to do that, and you will see a great deal of success in your talent management efforts.

Considering the competitive times we live in, it’s time that you re-evaluate your candidate relationship management software. To find out if it’s right for you, ask yourself: Is this platform built for recruiters, and recruiters only? Does this program improve my work and the efficiency with which I complete tasks? If you answer these questions with a resounding “no,” it’s time to shop around for talent management software that you can trust.