How to Monitor and Measure Employee Productivity?

Technology is evolving everyday and this evolution brings to us so many more answers and solutions to our everyday problems. Smartphone’s and social media present to us so many answers and both these great inventions have made it so much easier for employers to see if employees are actually working or just wasting time?

There are many ways in which employee productivity can be measured and tracked and we present to you some ways which might be useful to you to check your employee performances.

Should you focus on the daily tasks and check the progress on a daily basis?

Now instead of focusing on the months it is very important that you organize yourselves and focus on the tasks instead. Most employees do end up slacking in a day which is why it is better to make a plan and work on the tasks daily.

Should you see the quality of the Work and not compromise on it?

The results might be satisfactory temporarily and the work might be completed on time, however it is essential to see that the work is up to the mark and is of good quality. The results will not matter in the end if the work itself is mediocre or average.

Should Employees be given independence or is control necessary?

Now most employees would opt for independence, however it must be kept in mind that most employees do get confused in the middle and they might not know what to do which is why it is important that firms track and measure employee productivity and give them tasks and everyday agendas daily, since that is what is most important and within those constraints you can give liberty to your employees. Plus even though every employee deserves independence, however if the numbers are not right then independence wouldn’t really be beneficial for both the employer and employee.

Is adopting a friendly approach towards your Employees a good Idea?

The performance management and talent management teams need to work with the employees from the start and since the employee and manager relationship is one of the most sensitive relationships there is, then it is essential that the administration adopts a way which is friendly and honest with its employees. The friendly attitude will also make the employees more honest towards the company and more responsible for their work.

Is taking help from Technology and Software’s a wise Idea?

One of the new trends in which you can check on employee productivity is to track employees through performance management software. Now this happens when you don’t want your employees to be aware of what you are up to and to actually see that do they actually work when they’re in the office. This method is indeed very successful and always works out for every employer.

Should Employers believe in the Employees and make them realize their Importance?

Employers should keep an eye on all their employees, however in order to avoid any unnecessary problem it is better to communicate to every employee how important they are to the office and how much they are appreciated by the company, since that is the only way company growth and productivity would increase the most. Keeping a check on your employee’s whereabouts would in the end ensure that the company remains at the top of their game and they remain the best throughout.