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Special Offer for Police Departments | Human Capital Solutions for Law Enforcement Agencies

BullseyeEngagement is committed to offering its technology to assist law enforcement agencies in addressing the challenges of our current social environment.  We have configured a software solution suite that will streamline the flow of information within agencies, encourage internal reporting of questionable activities, and significantly increase information transparency for agency leaders and civilian overseers.

Bullseye is now offering our base package for police departments at no cost for 100 days. The key components of this package include Leadership Dashboards that display critical metrics for organizational performance, as well as Check-Ins, an Ethics Lifeline, and Action Plans.

Leadership Human Capital Dashboards: Increase transparency and focus attention on key action items using visually intuitive dials, graphs, and charts

  • Determine whether complaints are handled in a timely manner
  • Identify correlations between training completion and frequency/seriousness of incidents
  • Alert screens highlight negative trends and areas requiring immediate attention
  • Comprehensive communications system, including notifications, reminders, and alerts
  • Agency leaders are able to control access privilege

Check-ins: Facilitate frequent dialogue and feedback between rank-and-file employees and leadership

  • Can be scheduled or initiated ad hoc by either employees and leaders
  • Provides rank-and-file a safe place to voice concerns
  • Important information shared during interactions is documented in the system to increase accountability
  • Employees, leaders, mentors, coaches, and HR administrators can refer to the check-ins as needed
  • Includes a library of configurable check-in templates

Ethics Lifeline: A real-time anonymous messaging tool for unfiltered communication between employees and leadership with a single click

  • Enables anyone in the organization to speak up about any ethical concerns, including discrimination, harassment, and favoritism without fear of identification
  • Empowers leaders to hear and address employee concerns before issues escalate and become public
  • Guarantees the anonymity of the messenger
  • Directs messages straight to parties or departments designated by the organization to receive and consider complaints
  • Includes confidential reporting and analytics for agency and civilian leadership

 Action Plans: Easily define and monitor a course of action to address an issue or accomplish a goal

  • Document the specific steps that an employee, team, department, or division must take to resolve a problem or meet an objective
  • Keeps leadership, HR, and employees on the same page as the team works to accomplish goals
  • Variety of uses, including conflict resolution and high-level departmental planning
  • Leadership can track, monitor, and report on key areas.

Bullseye’s cloud-based solutions are accessible across all operating systems and handheld devices, which allows leaders to address concerns any time, anywhere. Push notifications can be sent in real-time to designated leaders as complaints are submitted so action can be taken immediately.

These solutions can be rapidly deployed in weeks, not months.

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