Succession Planning Software

Develop your Employees with Bullseye Succession Planning Software

Succession Planning Software

Succession planning is a process that comprises identification and developing internal people (employees in an organization) who possess the potential to assume key business leadership positions. Succession planning improves individuals’ skills and leverages their experience so that they geared to assume key roles as and when they are available.

Key Principles of Succession Planning Software

The three main principles of succession planning include: Identifying, Engaging, and Retaining people with the best skills in your organization. This helps to maximize business Impact. While there are manual methods of going about this sort of planning, the availability of succession planning software offers convenient implementation of the process with brilliant end results.

With software for succession planning, you can develop a strong and sustainable leadership pipeline, which will allow you conveniently leverage bench strength for critical roles. You will be able to develop and maintain talent pools through easily readable formats that help you determine the best individuals for the available roles.

Interactive Bullseye Succession Planning Chart

You can easily view potential successors for key positions through interactive charts in order to identify slated positions within a talent pool. With single-click access, you will be able to see individual talent profiles, goals along with recent assessments. The charts allow you a visual representation of bench strength for available positions to help you identify and select successors for your key roles available. The source of potential successors can be seen as well through all talent profiles.

Succession Slate Flexibility

Software for Succession Planning allows tremendous flexibility for helping you manage succession by: individual, position or talent pool.

  • Succession Slates by Person: Individual slates may be structured and managed for important succession roles, allowing you to view the candidate’s name, and also have access to relevant talent profiles.
  • Succession Slates by Position: You can amass talent pools by position and also by person, which allows you to build slates for open positions.
  • Succession Slates by Job Pools: This allows you to create broader job talent pools to fill critical roles.

Additional Key Features in Succession Planning Software:

Here are some of the key features within succession software that help your organization:

  • Job Profiling and Standardization
  • Career and Development Planning
  • Multi-Rater Feedback
  • Calibration Sessions
  • Developing Talent Pools
  • Bench Strength Validation and Calibration.

By using succession software, organizations propel succession planning far deeper and gain visibility from a vast talent pool. The software can be used for planning well beyond the usual yearly exercise and leverage it to fill critical positions. This will allow you to gear your organization to meet succession requirements in the near-to-distant future.