Compensation Management

Compensation Management Software & Salary Planning Tool

Compensation Planning Software is built with the intention of serving line manager needs. This streamlined software allows you to view your teams in organization charts, thereby, providing you with transparent workflows. This helps to engage your line manager with minimum distraction to their other responsibilities. With this compensation software, your managers can efficiently maneuver and fulfill the compensation on their own along with conducting allocation decisions. This software helps you no matter whether you operate your business at a single or multiple locations.

Build Complete Compensation Statements and Budgets

  • Benefit from visually represented reports such as ‘budget according to manager and pay against performance based on merit, bonus and stock
  • Model budget scenarios and assess their financial impact with instant up-to-date data
  • Review models of budgets with management prior to line manager hand off
  • Set compensation in context for line managers, thereby, allowing a quicker means of planning with fewer glitches
  • Leverage built-in practices and established outlines for securing corporate policy adherence

When you use compensation planning software, your salary and merit compensation plans will be managed with ultra-flexibility, transparency and accessibility.Stop struggling with complex processes used for handling salary and merit compensation plans.

Moreover, you can design, create and manage handy Salary, Merit, Promotion and Increase Guides.Your organization will be able to view and approve hierarchies of pay information, and you won’t need to deal with errors as these will be eliminated alongside reduced planning time. You will benefit from an all-in-one compensation planning solution that eases design process, and also builds and manages customized salary and merit compensation plans.

Integrate Internal Work Processes with Track Changes and Data Analysis

Manage workflow with compensation planning software, and manage field representatives, Human Resource tasks, Management and Operations, etc. to coordinate input from all users. The best part is that this all these processes have the best level of security, easy usability and customization.Follow changes and analyze your data pertaining to compensation and salary planning. You can also export your data in a variety of formats including formats such as: XLS, XML, CSV, or PDF.

Key Merit Compensation Features

Automatically scheduled reports

You can enjoy automatically scheduled reports through a reporting interface. This comprises standard templates for:

  • Pay statement,
  • Total compensation,
  • Budget allocation,
  • Pool distribution etc.

Compensation Planning Management Software hands you great advantages, as you can perform a number of operations and even forecast salary and merit compensation plans prior to activation. Build Ad hoc reports with a unique interface that allows you to generate criteria and filters, so that you can organize columns and save reports.You can also enjoy access to real-time data reporting as well as a workflow inbox, and the best part about this is that it is all in one place and available through an easy-to-use dashboard.