Employee engagement

Employee engagement is crucial during the tough economic times

Employee engagement has become very common these days, every organizations has this concept. This is the best proven method which translates employee’s ideas and thoughts into measurable index that can predict employee productivity, customer satisfaction, retention of top performers and more. The wise thing for an organization is to do is to retain the talented and good employees with them; this is when employee engagement comes into picture. During recession period no company wants to lose the best employees and the concept of employee engagement helps a lot.

Few things that employee engagement does for the employees and business:

1)     Employee’s sense of safety and security: When the employee knows that his or her future is secured with the company, then the feeling of physical and emotional safety automatically intensifies, which gives both employees and business a good safety blanket.

2)     Employee’s sense of significance: It is important for the management to make the employee feel that they are of significance for the company; this will generate more positive attitude and the will to put more than 100% to the work. This automatically benefits the business.

3)     It drives business ideas more effectively: When there is employee engagement business ideas can work more effectively as employees willingly work and boost the new business idea more effectively and with ease.

4)     No attrition during tough economic times: When employees interest are taken care off, they are secured, safe, rewarded, awarded and their talent is recognised then there is no fear of attrition as all super talented employees remain with the business/company.

During poor economic time employees can easily loose trust in the leadership and faith in the future of the organization. Leaders who know how to tackle the situation make the employee feel safe and secured and use different employee engagement ideas to retain them and keeps the business going as usual.